The Truth

June 30, 2010

Fight for it
Sometimes it is rough
Worth every fight

Wrong words

June 29, 2010

Laid back
Heart dead
Stone attack
Soft bed

Stayed calm
Fled the road
Lonely scene
Uncrackable code

Fight club
Rinse and clean
Dry Scrub
purely pristine

Thug life
Cheating wish
Death wife
Plenty of fish

Wrong way
Kneel and dye
Tye pray
Start to cry

All wrong
Rock bone
Bad song
Set in stone.

Seven Sins

June 28, 2010

Long time ago there was a man
For his whole life he always ran
The traps set fast in his way
His luck ran out, he couldn’t stay

God punished him for his sins
A voodoo doll stuck with pins
All his power was a waste
His life ended in a haste

Every night he awoke alone
No messages on his phone
Girls came and girls went
Money gained and money spent

His power was gone
Sitting on his lawn
A beer in hand
No longer his land

So much lost
A high cost
Robbed of life
Killed by knife

Called away
Couldn’t stay
Heart ache
His mistake



June 27, 2010

The roots are gnarled and decayed
The notes are sour and over played
The natural beauty left to char
The beautiful music will only scar
The time has slowed and all but stopped
The fine china shattered when dropped
The natural art of time is gone
The artistic dishes destroyed at dawn
The car is rusted and broken down
The old man sits tired with a frown
The climate broke the car to bits
The world crushed the man, landing its hits
The pain is subtle but it is severe
The strain it puts on all who are near
The damage is done to the world round
The pulling has stopped there is not a sound.


June 26, 2010

It is hot
The garden’s in bloom
Full of carefree thought
And open aired room.

The sun has marked
The longest day
Her path has arched
And will fade away

Summer is here
Finally some heat
The beach is near
What a treat

Happy days are here to stay
In many ways I give praise
In this heat I have to play
Or simply dream in a daze.

The Healer

June 25, 2010

I loved too much
the man did say
as he walked up the hill
so far away.

To his humble home
on the mountain so high
conflicting goals
to live or to die?

Back down to town
he did lurk
to find a new son
in the water’s murk

Lost in thought
the man wanders on
he kills them up there
That’s where they’ve gone

The townspeople gossip
the townspeople worry
the old man has come
we must be in a hurry

Get the children in
unless you want them to die
he killed Michael
we will never know why.

But the man does not fret
over gossip filled words
he just seeks the one
the people flock in herds

He will kill again
the mayor tells all
I will give a million
for his wretched old skull.

The people gather outside town
at the base of the mountain rock.
They band together awaiting dark
Up the mountain they now walk.

In the dark the man heads home
to sit by the warm fire
before he can step in his door
A man with a machete kills for hire.

One swift sweep of the blade
and off goes the arm
that could have saved.
The old man meant no harm.

Misunderstood by the people below
The healer lived above them all
Watching out for everyone
Ignorance can cause society to fall.

Goodbye My Friend

June 24, 2010

So long old friend
I knew you well
I held your hand
As you fell

Goodbye dear friend
We shared it all
I even helped
To build this wall

Another time my friend
Things will be better
I was always there
To receive your letter

See you best friend
In some other place
Even if it takes long
This is not a race

‘Til the end
Goodbye my friend
our hearts will mend
As we round this bend.