June 30, 2011

There is a window
Found deep within my old mind
Never to open

There is a small door
Found deep within my old mind
Never to open

There is a great life
Hidden behind every door
Awaiting freedom

There is a dark past
Hidden past the small window
Waiting forgiveness


June 29, 2011

If you Create
Through life of fate
And if you Transpire
Through heavenly Choir
And if you Dictate
Through humanly hate
And if you Devise
Through earthly lies
And if you Enlist
Through godless mist
And if you Empathize
Through timely paralyze
And if you Stay true
Through trivial view
He will save your soul
From going down below


June 28, 2011

In the pen
Doing five to ten
Out in two
No one knew
Revolving door
Enter some more
But first are out
Not a scream or shout
Locked away
But don’t need to stay
Parole too soon
Out before noon
Foolish law
Run by iron claw
Lost is the right
To remove terror and fright.

Modern Logic

June 27, 2011

If it floats;
Burn it!
If it sinks;
Leave it to drown!

If it lies;
Elect it!
If it’s honest;
Let it loose!

From salem
It is nice to see
So much has changed
With the logic
Of modern

Not What You Think

June 26, 2011

Your thoughts as sweet
As lemons in the mouth
Your touch as soft
As a diamond stone
Your heart as strong
As the weakest link
Your smile as true
As that book of lies
Your innocence as pure
As a murky lake
Your life as rich
As a junkie’s wallet
Your thoughts as kind
As the devil’s hard eyes
Your life as satisfying
As waking up dead.


June 25, 2011

Apathetic and alone
Always fast
To hang up phone
Pain claimed
Often before it starts
Never wanting
To heal hearts.
Ripping up
Anything that seemed okay
Never willing
To simply stay
Needing that feeling
Of being alone
Wishing for healing
But cold as stone.

Weak Foundation

June 24, 2011

After all the hope
After all the love
After all the trust
After everything
You and I built
From the ground up
You passed
what I thought to be concrete
So I poured the foundation
Thick and sturdy
And so I have built
And after all the time
It turns out
You didn’t pass concrete
But flimsy lies
Slowly crumbling
And causing
The whole thing
To shatter to the ground.