March 24, 2017

You make Sparks ignite
Burning faster and hotter
And even longer

Meeting Again

June 6, 2016

Old friends
Warm hearts
Drinking done
After time apart
Happy thoughts
Gentle faces
About old places
Years go by
But we hold strong
Never feels
Like too long

My only Want

March 7, 2016

Always and forever
Never forget these words
No matter what happens
It’ll never be absurd

Hold on my darling
The night may still come
But if you keep on holding
We will never be undone

Through darkest days
And brightest nights
I want to hold you near
Through pain and sorrow
Joy and humour
I want only you my dear


January 4, 2016

It’s not in your words
But in the subtle actions
I feel your love the most.
The faint shadow of a smile
Slipping shamelessly across your lips.
The glow in your eye warrant to the fire in your heart.
The brush of your hand innocuously against my own,
As if this were but as natural as breathing to you.
God you make me feel loved in ways I never believed.
I am yours, always.

True happiness

September 3, 2015

What is true happiness?
Is it the calm nothing found
When all is just right?
Or perhaps the overwhelming joy
In a fleeting moment of perfection?
What is the meaning of true happiness?
Is it a selfish enjoying?
Or something so selfless few ever find it?
What makes true happiness true?
Is it that feeling
Of just knowing you’ve found it?
Or perhaps it’s in knowing
That it is an ephemeral state.
What ever it is, I think I’ve found it
In you.

Shared Adventure

July 26, 2015

It’s late.
Nearly three.
Soon you’ll lay
Your head next to me.
To the land of sleep
We will take ride
Holding you
My greatest pride.
As we travel
From dream to dream.
I fly with you
On a moonbeam.
The love I feel
Is so strong.
I feel you staying
For so long.

Season change

April 20, 2015

A rainy April
Precedes a sunny May
I’m getting better