Light at the end

May 11, 2016

I don’t know what to write
I’ve given up the fight
Longing for it to be not true
That eventually we’ll lose you
But in the end we go
It’s something I wish I didn’t know
For the pain waiting brings
Oh how it stings
Deep and empty aches
Until everything just breaks
And then I see the sun
Knowing the time has come
I want to be alright
In this endless night


December 1, 2015

Sometimes alone can be peaceful
Other times alone can be sad
Even still, alone can be soothing
Or, alone can lead to darkness
It isn’t in being alone
But in the emptiness that surrounds
When the mind is left to wonder
That the fear begins to come
What if everything that’s happened
Quickly comes undone?

Have you ever

July 13, 2015

Have you ever wished upon a shooting star?
Hoped for something oh so far
Have you ever blown a kiss away?
Hoped like hell that she would stay
Have you ever fought for what’s right?
Hoped to stand tall in the fight
Have you ever had dark desires?
Hoped to stop a kindled fire
Have you ever changed your mind?
Hoped you could just hit rewind
Have you ever hoped so much?
I always do, when we touch


July 6, 2015

Do you ever fear
What they might say?
If they knew
Your brain worked that way

Do you ever fear
You’re all alone?
No one to great you
When you get home

Do you ever fear
You’ll never change?
Even when
You don’t act strange

Do you ever fear
You forgot love?
Killed with your innocence
There’s the rub

Could you stay

September 5, 2014

If this magic were to end
What would come around the bend
If this love were to suddenly drop
Would your heart suddenly stop
If this world were to hate
What would be our final fate
If this passion were to cease
Would you go away in peace
If this fear would go away
Could you please just stay.

Fear filled foolishness

July 26, 2014

When the lights go dim
And your eyes get slim
My nerves explode in fear
For the end could be near
I never know what’s in your head
When your hair lay still upon your bed
It could be love; it could be pain
The fear in me evokes a stain
On the peace between you and I
This stupid fear makes me cry

Meeting Blind

April 16, 2014

After so much talking
To finally see your face
Brings fear into my heart
What if it’s all a big lie
What if none of it is as it seems
What if I dislike something
That text never could portray
What if what if what if
This question keeps flying
Through my head
Faster and faster spinning
In a spiral out of control
Oh how will I ever know?
I guess I must
Go through with it
Wish me luck: I’ll need it.