In front

April 30, 2017

Tomorrow it’ll be different
I’ll be at the front
And be responsible
For those in the back

Making it

April 29, 2017

It’s a wonder
That life always works out
When you think it won’t

Who have I become?

April 28, 2017

I forgot
My purpose
But I keep growing
I forgot
My way
But I keep going
I forgot
My path
But I keep moving
I forgot


April 27, 2017

Skipping out today
Coming back in a few days
Making it seem right


April 26, 2017

Rushing through my veins
Like a poison to my heart
Stress will kill me soon

In my arms

April 25, 2017

I cherish the moments
You are in my arms
They may be fleeting
But those I manage to get
I will always keep
Close at heart


April 24, 2017

When the light dims
Will you still see
The heat of our love?