Meant to Be

February 22, 2016

Time can pass faster every second as it speeds towards a known end
But as the end that is not known grows closer
It can slow and bend and twist, we can remember all we missed
All we thought we could have done but didn’t
Yet as we know this end is near
Our minds and souls fill with fear
That we haven’t done what God wanted us to do
And in his view we failed and knew
Yet this is not how a God shall be
For a God shall know just what to see
How to view the good that was done
And understand what was not won
Sometimes it’s hard to split these apart
But we do know in our heart of hearts
Exactly what we want, wish and need
Is not always what was meant for us.

Distant memory

April 9, 2015

Long gone love
Forgotten in the dust
Of my rapid moving life
A faint mirage
Seen over shoulder
Sometimes when life slows
I look back and see
What we should have made it be
Then as I run back
I suddenly lose sight
In the dust
And remember with
Chilling clarity
Why you became
A distant memory

Left home

March 14, 2015

Meeting you again
Was like opening a window
And exploring the life
I left behind
You seem stuck in your ways
with a plan to get out
But is it like
The pyrite promises passed in youth
Will you really uproot and move
Make time and leave it all behind
I think not.
It’s the small town fallacy
That draw of not knowing
The uncertainty of motion
You cannot just lift a tree
It’s all you’ve ever known
And it is time you were shown
How much more you could have been

Finding Myself

March 6, 2015

The dark of night
Is surrounding me
It’s no longer light
I cannot see

Maybe tomorrow
I’ll seem alright
Maybe my sorrow
Will just take flight

In the end
I want to be free
Around the bend
I want to be me.

Found my way

February 21, 2015

Lost my way
On the road again
Lost my sight
Feeling old again
Lost my friend
I’m alone again
Lost my way

Found my way
Into your arms again
Found my sight
Trying hard again
Found by friends
Their with me again
Found my way

Lost Love

November 27, 2014

One day
The keys
To the kingdom
Came crashing
Down the dark
and deadly
Never to be
Seen again
Much like
The fate
Of my love


October 20, 2014

Breathless like a fish
Drowning in information
Trapped like a tiger
Wanting to be free
Lost like a lark
Flown astray
Dead like the damned
There is no other way