Debt Shield

July 31, 2011

Knock. Knock. Knock.
What’s this?
Above our heads,
An invisible ceiling,
To block
The growth
Of debt.
We agree,
That it
Cannot surpass
This amazing
Glass blockade.
But wait
Doesn’t debt
Grow down?

The ice

July 30, 2011

Harbored thought
Heart strings taught
Can no longer breathe
Too many to grieve

Pain filled days
Heartless lays
Never really sure
That it’s all obscure

Lost it all once more
Not knowing what it’s for
Wishing it’d go back
Get this life on track

Messaged once too much
Couldn’t release the clutch
The pain has set in
The ice has gotten thing


July 29, 2011

Always trying
To please
Never able
To appease
Simply trying
Never actually
Exerting yourself
Simply placing
A cheap facade
Between the world
And your real
Not so plastic
Oh the emotion
You let them run
Wilder than any beast
This fair Earth has seen
But really
There is nothing
Behind the crocodile tears
And the joys of hyena
You show the world;
Save for apathy
For you
My dear,
Are nothing more
Than an indifferent
Delusion of grandeur
Brought on
By all the foolishness
The world has
Presented you
Not even you
Can see yourself.


July 28, 2011

Starving for more
Never satisfied
By what’s on plate
Nor by what’s in stomach
Crying of the ache
Felt within.
The empty dull pain
Starving not from lack
But from greed
Never satisfied
By what others dream of
Only wanting more.
Lusting after
All he can have
For he was
Starving for what
He wanted
Never satisfied
By what he received
Always unhappy
Screaming in tantrum
He only wanted


July 27, 2011

Mindlessly entering
The poor earth
With little thought given
To their greater implications
Just rambled out
In one
Destroying all
With a lack
Of any regard
They mindlessly
Like waves
Hitting shore

As I Wander

July 26, 2011

As I wander on
Through the depths
Of this hell
I learn much
But lose more.
As I wander on
Through the pits
Of society
I see more
Than most ever do.
As I wander on
Past the rich
And to the poor
I find more
Wealth of knowledge
Than anywhere.
As I wander on
Towards my death
I live more
With each passing breath
Than some will
In all eternity.

Eyes of The Dragon

July 25, 2011

Pain has come
From where you lived
Your slim eyes
Always did accent
Your thin lies.
And oh it really
Makes me cry
When I think
Of all you did
To change me
To estrange me
To remove me
From all you had
Oh those eyes
How they pierce
So sweet
But really fierce
Burning holes
In your mellow face
Showing me
What is my place
Oh you sure did
Your pure features
Ran a muck with lust
When the heart burns
I guess you must
But it was those eyes
They painted the picture
As green with envy,
As red with rage,
As black with despair
But never the white
Of purity promised
But ne’er obtained
They always claimed
To be so nice
But would leave my veins
Flooding with ice.
Oh damn you
And damn your eyes
Damn that look
That paralyzed.
Haunting on
In the years to pass
If I would have known
That it would last.
I would have run
I would have fled
I would have just
Walked away,
If I knew
Oh if I knew
Those eyes would stay.
That piercing hatred
Once showed love
But it was the love
Of a crocodile tear
And this is what
I have learned to fear
The angel of your name
Was the devil of my night
A passionate fright
As I learned
Through the years
That those simple eyes
Would bring me tears.
If I knew
Oh if I knew,
What those evil eyes
Had planned for me
I would have ran
I finally see.