Read Between the lines

March 31, 2010

Find a way to work it out,
Utter a threat at a simple doubt
Can’t you see why I asked you out?
Kill me now and save me in drought.

Your kind of girl drives me insane
Obviously you don’t share my pain.
Utter that threat one last time
!This will be my final dime!


March 30, 2010

Adorable Describes you the best
Because you are more kind than the rest
Beauty strikes you outside in
Your gorgeous body, your perfect skin
Majestically you walk the globe
Adorning the queen’s robe
Reliability your best trait
Getting closer and keeping fate
Utter perfection, mind, body and soul
Every thought so pure, caring and full.
Regret not a thing in your life
In time you will be a wonderful wife.
The man you marry will be full of luck
Enjoy your mind don’t get too struck.
Caught up trying to find the one
Abby, Don’t worry, laugh and have fun.
Make some mistakes, cry and make do
Pretend it’s alright, know I care for you.
Believe in your hopes and your dreams
Every one can be achieved, you have the means.
Love life and enjoy all you can
Learn from mistakes, your life just began.

Wisdom of the land

March 29, 2010

On a sunny day long ago
There was a boy who all did know
He was a powerful boy full of love
His wisdom truly put him above

The great kings sought his advice
He would give it if they were nice
Then one day the dark king came
A top his horse with a fiery mane

He grabbed the boy in his arm
He wanted to use him for great harm
the people of the land soon forgot
of the special boy who they sought

Years went by without a word
no one noticed or observed
The dark kings power grew by the day
At his walls many bodies did decay

In the tallest tower of the land
The once wise boy now sat and planned
How to kill the good king’s wall
and make his kingdom burn and fall

A young mind is impressionable at best
This can lead to disaster for the rest
If one day in history was undone
The bad king would fall and his minions would have run.


March 28, 2010

Save Me
I am Trapped
Left Behind at sea
No one can free me.
My soul is lost.
Forgotten in time.
Trapped Inside.

City of Life

March 27, 2010

The city is a living being
The children its blood
moving down its arteries
spinning tires throw her mud

The business her heart
The people her soul
Her mood shifts quickly
Trying to meet a common coal.

The population expands
her hips become wide
more people; more blood
everyone stuck inside

Industry is the muscle
Keeping it all alive
economy her struggle
Somehow she must strive

As years come and go
the children become insane
like a kink in the house
anger fills her icy veins

Lost inside her great mind
one man steps out
and exposes her for what she is
so tireless and devout

A mother in pain
Is what she is now
her children locked away
she must take a final bow

The man inside is swift
exposing her flaws to all
her anger builds at this
her buildings start to fall

No more business
No more brains
No money for the soul
We all share her pains

The population trickles away
her borders shrink
in old age her industry slows
No one knew she once could think

A hundred years pass her by
no one remembers her today
All she did and gave
simply crumbled with decay.


March 26, 2010

One by One the soldiers run,
The army disappears.
Two by Two they lose their shoes,
A president’s greatest fear.

Three by Three they have to flee,
Fighting for no ones gain.
Four by Four they lose the war,
A country mourns their pain.

Five by five they come alive,
As the evil leaves the land.
Six by six they pick up sticks,
to fight for the glory-less sand.

Seven by seven they head to heaven.
The country’s final loss.
Eight by Eight the enemies’ fate,
is to lose the land of moss.

Nine by Nine the evil swine,
has stolen our land and soul.
Ten by Ten they start again,
Killing our faith is their goal.

Way Back Then

March 25, 2010

In another world
Long since passed
I knew a girl
Said love would last

She held my hand
Oh so tight
Showed me so much
Removed my fright

In the park
Where we used to kiss
These are memories
I truly miss

As the years go by
I am left in lieu
My mind filled
With images of you

I was foolish
Way back then
Didn’t know of love
In grade ten

She showed all
To my shock
I could only sit
and try to talk

She showed compassion
Like no other could
She loved me still
When no one would

Her gentle touch
I really miss
Her soft lips
When we would kiss

Now I know
What I let free
Looking back
How could it be

She had it all
These traits I need
She knew me well
Helped plant this seed

She helped me grow
To the man I am
From that foolish boy
Way back then

Thank you darling
For setting me straight
People like you
Let me keep my fate.