May 31, 2015

I feel worthless
When all I do
Is scoffed at
When everything I try
Is brushed over
With the broad strokes
Of disregard
No one really cares
For what I do
No one is watching out
For me but me.


May 30, 2015

I keep forgetting
What I really need to do
Too much focusing

Feeling again

May 29, 2015

As the words spill from my finger tips
I think of lips I shouldn’t have kissed
As my thoughts flow from my brain
I think I’ve gone fully insane
As my eyes slip slowly into sleep
I let a tear trickle down my cheek
As I lay here far too awake
I look back on all my heartbreak
As I realize all the wrong I’ve done
I realize where it all began
As I drift into a deep dark daze
I think of you through the haze
As to my sleep I slowly succumb
I finally know I needn’t feel numb

The plague

May 28, 2015

It’s like poison
Dripping into the water
Driving people insane
Once they have it
They can only live with more
If they don’t, but see it’s affect
They want it even more
I’ve heard rumours
Of remote villages
Located in the far corners
Of the planet
Where the plague
Of money has yet to infiltrate
And true, unadulterated
Happiness actually exists


May 27, 2015

Just as one door shuts
A world of new ones open
Leading us to death


May 26, 2015

Sleep quickly slips
Across the eyes and to the heart
Leaving perfect dark

Seventeen minutes

May 25, 2015

Seventeen minutes
What can be done?
I know you are leaving
And nobody’s won.
Seventeen minutes
What can be said?
I know you are leaving
I’m alone in this bed.
Seventeen minutes
What can we change?
I know you are leaving
It feels to me strange.
Seventeen minutes
What can we do?
I know you gave up
I guess I did too.