July 31, 2012

Faster and faster
They want to go
A gig a second
That is too slow
More and more
They all scream
No truth is left
It is a dream
Hurry! hurry!
We want it now
More technology
We don’t care how.
Quicker and quicker
The data must go
Meaning is gone
If only they could know.

How Far

July 30, 2012

How far
Must I go
To see
The truth

How far
Must I go
To feel
Alive again

How far
Must I go
To believe
In him

How far
Must I go
To understand
My sin

How far
Must I go
To free
My mind

How far
Must I go
To live
My life again.


July 29, 2012

Like a deer
Stuck in headlights
Wanting to leap
But in fear
Of the consequence
The motion
Too selfish to complete
But needing it
So badly
No more will power
Wanting to take
The leap of faith
And show
For once and for all
That teenage sense
Of invincibility
Was left behind
When that final stab was taken
Resulting in
A broken heart
And a broken mind
Unsure if forward
Was a real direction
Or if this never ending limbo
Was all that was left
And those lights
Like the deer
Wishing to be like a fly
Drawn in
To the great beyond
But before deliberation
The screech of breaks
As the subway stops
Doors chime
And again
He arrives home


July 28, 2012

The subway back home
Such a long and terrible
Way to travel there.

Plastic Smile

July 27, 2012

The struggle starts
When you are near
Feelings disembark
It’s very queer

Night and day
Blur into a fight
Never again
Will we be right

Try as hard
As we always do
It’s never enough
You know it’s true

Yet here we lay
Working it out
Deep inside
I want to shout

You no longer care
Neither do I
Faking this smile
I want to cry


July 26, 2012

A shell.
So little inside.
Crushed by the outside.
My poor heart.
You crushed.


July 25, 2012

After years of thought
And careful deliberation
After time and time
Debating the pros and cons
After waiting on edge
For the opportune moment
The rough and dry hands
Carefully secured their grip
Around the cool steel
Of the trigger
A small smile rolled across his lips
As the iron sites aligned
And with a pop
He delivered his legacy
All nine millimeters of it
Right through the poor unexpecting head
Of a man whose greed
Destroyed a nation.