Loveless Life

May 20, 2014

Her forked tongue flicked
Snaking slyly side to side
Daring and daring a question
Trying so hard to hide
What she was feeling
On the inside.

Her pained eyes peered
Daunting and dreamily down
To luscious, little lips
Finding a fearful frown
Waiting for the darkest night
Flooding ’til they drown

Helplessly hoping still
That things would turn around
Praying pointlessly for life
As they nose-dived into ground
Resting restlessly on the rocks
Love was never found.

Night Time

March 3, 2013

Deep thoughts
Dark thoughts
Something to chill.
Fast thoughts
Fearful thoughts
Making me ill.
Lost thoughts
Lonely thoughts
Nothing ever right.
Troubled thoughts
Terrible thoughts
Coming every night.


November 21, 2012

If we passed in a crowded place
Would you recognize my familiar face?
If our eyes were to meet
Would you venture from your seat?
If you came and wished me well
Would I tell you to go to hell?
If I were to tell you so
Would you be able to back down slow?
If by fate we found the truth
Would we both jump from the roof?
If it all came down to this
Would there be a final kiss?
If our paths crossed one day
Would this be how it would play?
If by chance I see you soon
Would you run off to the moon?
If you stopped to say goodbye
I surely would break down and cry.


September 27, 2012

A strange feeling
As memories resurface
Some as bitter
As the strongest drink
While others as sweet
As a decadent dessert
All reminding why
This had to go
But also why
It can also stay
And progress
To new places
Far beyond
Where it ever was.

Broken Vow

September 19, 2012

A vow of silence.
Broken after much deliberation.
Finally hearing his voice.
A foreign sound in a foreign world.
Where wholeness once came
From nothing.
Now emptiness has come
From something.
Such contrast to his beliefs
Yet so necessary
To his survival.
For without his voice
He was unable to inform her
Of her impeding death.

Way of Life

April 8, 2012

Why fight
You’re right
Always so
Oh I know.

Argument fuel
Such gruel
Never an end
We do not mend

Nothing’s okay
Why stay
No point
So disjoint

But it works
We have quirks
I guess it’s alright
Love and goodnight!


March 30, 2012

Without a doubt
The spark is out
Only the embers remain.

I have no fear
For what is near
But saddened by the pain.

I wish it to change
To just rearrange
But our time is dwindling down.

I may be sad
You may be glad
I will never forget your frown.