October 31, 2012

Sleeping deep
In my bed
Hand on chest
Dreams in head.

Powerful fright
Of this dark night
A shiver expels
As you see daylight.

Waking you from your dream
Reality and fantasy held by seem
Your eyes fly open
And you release a scream.

The darkness was real
In your mind you can feel
The texture of it so true
It will take time to heal.


October 30, 2012

So obnoxious
This generation
Of self-entitled
So needy
So loud
So inconsiderate
No respect
Where did it go?

Dear Sandy

October 29, 2012

Sandy your winds are
Blowing a little too strong
For my own liking

If you wouldn’t mind
Toning it down a little
That would be just great

Thank you very much
For your consideration
The North Americans

Rainy Days

October 28, 2012

Rain all day
And all night
So gross and wet
No sun in sight
I wish it would
End today
But it won’t
I have to pray
Sooner or later
The sun will come
I feel if it doesn’t
I’ll remain glum.
The gloomy weather
Kills my mind
I need some sun
To help me unwind


October 27, 2012

As the liquor flows
Through your vein
Your flirtatious ways
Drive me insane

A little flick
Of your skirt
A devilish smile
Such a flirt

No hands on me
No hands on you
A kiss of cheek
To change the view

A brush of hair
From left to right
A winking smile
Oh so tight

In the end
I love you dear
And just really want
To hold you near

Broken machine

October 26, 2012

Needless violence
All to halt the progression
Of this dead machine

The Fray

October 25, 2012

Stepping in
So suddenly,
A breathless pass
So shamelessly.
Took a peek,
A moment too long.
Felt the sting,
Felt it strong.
The quiver of heart,
The tremble of hand,
That knowing feeling,
That life’s not planned.
You looked so happy,
But underneath
You looked broken:
In disbelief.
So much pain
Your poor eyes saw.
I wanted to help you,
To fix you,
To save you.
I thought once
It was all my fault,
That your life
Had hit a halt.
But in the end
I knew it was not;
A lesson I learned
I was just caught.
Stuck between
Your calm still eyes,
And that darker side
That can paralyze.
It crippled me
Brought me down.
I guess you can’t fix
A permanent frown.
For underneath all the bad,
All that anger,
And all the sad,
Is that poor little girl,
Once just a teen.
The one who saw
More than I have seen.
Pain and anguish,
Hurt for no cause,
Makes you think,
Makes you pause.
In the end,
I had to walk away,
And leave you there
In the fray.