Killed Again

April 30, 2010

Lies told
Truth unfolds
Secrets shared
No one cared

Died young
Lived Lots
Ran away
Cut the knots

Lost love
Peaceless Dove
Played fair
Without a care

Locked up
Tied shut
let free
smile at me

Killed again
Another ten
Locked away
not gonna stay

Key Snapped
Shackled wrap
Life unborn
Mother mourn

Gone to hell
God said no
life’s too long
the unborn’s song

back here
love me dear
mom did say
kids can play

thrown down
lifted up
stabbed her chest
did his best

killed his mom
now it’s done
he is gone
we all won.

See what you want to see
The world is your fallacy
Believe what you want to believe
The world will stand and heave

Right side up is upside down
You turn the map round and round
The world is round the world is square
The world is here, the world is there

It does not matter what you see
The world is what I want it to be
It does not matter what you believe
If I don’t like it, it will leave.

Now I throw yours upside down
Your head is spinning, round and round
My world is making your life bare
My world is near, your world is despair.

A Tear

April 28, 2010

Not a tear goes by
Without the question why
Not a lost soul
Could forget her goal

The world she will never see
How can this ever be
Too many passed her without a glance
If only one could take a stance

Her life she gave
No one could save
She is missed by us all
It may have taken only one call

A life is lost in a flash
In the puddle she made a splash
But even ripples fade away
Don’t worry Kim your memory will stay.

Deal of his Life

April 27, 2010

An ounce a day
He gave away
The ounces build
His friends billed
Nice car he drove
Hot knives on stove
A scale here or there
He lost it everywhere
White powder today
To god he’d pray
Black tar tonight
For gold he’d fight
Green trees to please
The girl’s on her knees
He had it all
Like a child’s doll
But with business came fear
In murky water he would peer
Looking for the next score
Every week they needed more
One last sell
Before he headed to hell
On last fix
Before he left the mix
The bad men were there
They loved to sit and stare
He cut them there drugs
They drew guns like thugs
A bullet to the heart
His life was about to start
They took everything he had
His life of crime so sad.

Mixed Message

April 26, 2010

All night you text me your plan
All day you tell me about your man
When we are apart you love me dear
When we are together you wont sit near.

In my bed we lay awake
Just talking the hours to daybreak
You lay a hand on my face
And I turn towards your love embrace

A small kiss you plant on my lips
I take this chance to hold your hips
Tongues on fire dance under the moon
Eyes close shut to replay the tune.

Slowly the lock is smashed
Freeing me from where I’ve been lashed
As this passionate kiss dies down
I meet your eyes wearing a frown

I didn’t want this friendship of lust
But it doesn’t matter for I don’t trust
I know the game you play with men
Luring them deep in your dragon’s den

Once they are there they cannot escape
Their emotions are yours to beat and rape
You are insane for not treating them well
Of karma you will learn when I open my hell.

Day and Night

April 25, 2010

Sweet sunlight shines in
The game of life we can win
The day is so fine
You can always be mine

Sitting together in the heat
Happy now in my seat
This day is perfect now
To the god’s I vow

But every day needs its night
The darkness full of fright
In the wee hours there is fear
It is then I hold you near

The contrast drives me insane
The night brings so much pain
The day makes all right
Why is it so black and white?

The line is so defined
Segregating my immortal mind
One half is perfectly fine
The other is like evil swine

In the day you cannot see
That in the night it wasn’t me
Everyday the sun does shine
Every night I am not so fine.


April 24, 2010

From day-to-day
For years on end
I have lived your way
I have tried to mend

For months at least
For decades at most
I have hid the beast
I have lived the coast

But as years pass by
I sit and think
Every month I look to the sky
And pray you sink

Keep on turning,
You always do
Keep on learning,
You never knew

What I had deep inside
What you look for
I try and hide
But you know it’s at my core.

Every word is placed for you
Every letter set on page
Knowledge is what you know
This fact set off rage

Like an animal you bit in
destroying all you could
Take me and leave my kin
I’ll go quick like I should

So much pain
For such little ground
The blood will stain
My secret found.