Truth or Lie

August 28, 2014

Late to the party
Missing the truth of it
Covered by the lies


August 20, 2014

Faking making breaking
The end of the truth
Lying crying dieing

The Moon

June 24, 2013

Goodnight sun
The day grows dark.
Good evening moon
My oldest friend.
The twilight’s ne’er
A place for fright
For it’s with you
I spend my night.
Your glowing face
Stretches ‘cross the sky
It’s a constant race
To find the lie.
For in the ‘morn
When the sun returns
The constant sorrow
Oh it burns.
Regret filled days
Post-sleepless nights
I finally see
Your brightest light.


April 6, 2013

Does the
Beat of
The heart
Melt the
Tears of

Does the
Change of
The tide
Show you
The truth
Or who lied.

God’s Word

January 21, 2013

From the twisted minds of men
Spreading the God’s words


August 5, 2012

The drug
Hidden inside
But there
Eating away
At heart
And soul
Changing love
To deceit
Because love
Brings pain
But deceit
Gets the
Next score.

Sapphire Lies II

July 7, 2012

After all the fiery lies
After all the silly ties
After all the forced goodbyes
He finally opened his sapphire eyes
The wrongs he had done
The lives he had run
All to no avail
Every attempt would fail
For he always wanted to quit
Even when they gave a shit
Amazing how these lies played out
No more feelings to scream and shout
All that was left were his cold grey eyes
Filled with hatred from the battle cries
Yes the gypsy queen did dance
Placing him in the final stance
But like all crafty things
Her tail swung out sting after sting
He thought he schmoozed his way to the top
Oh did she put that to a stop
One more sting to show who was right
A simple sentence; just saying goodnight
But it showed that this queen
Was really just a human being
Not some goddess meant to be praised
Not some nymph from a dreamy haze
But a siren of blood and bone
Her sad old song turning man to stone
The shining gems in his eyes
Finally shattered by her cries.

This is a follow up to an original post found here:Sapphire Lies