September 23, 2016

He watches
As Fat fingers fumble
At the silver foil seal
Keeping the stale cigarettes fresh
And protected
From yellow teeth and get lips
Where they’ll wisp away
Into a foul smell
Then nothing
At all

Missing you

September 22, 2016

Goodbye grandmother
You lived a life full of joy
You are greatly missed

Life with you

September 21, 2016

You will always be
Held in my heart oh so dear
I will always be true

Together and apart

September 20, 2016



Guiding light

September 19, 2016

Even in these dark days
Your steady smile rarely sways
Keeping my barring for the course
Your gentle heart a guiding force
Focusing me on how lucky I am
Not in the sorrow, pain and damned
Thank you for staying oh so true
Darling, without you, I wouldn’t know what to do


September 18, 2016

What did you think
When you heard the news
That it was no more
What were the feelings
Running through your brain?
Was it shock or was there pain?
How should we feel
When death strikes close
Is there a correct way?
Please God, just let me be okay

Death bed

September 17, 2016

It’s hard to say it
I struggle to even speak
The end is too near