August 20, 2017

Always know
No matter what
My shoulder is here
To soak up your tears
My ears are there
To listen to you vent
My arms are yours
To help and be held
My life is for you
To cherish with yours
And of course my Darling
I’m all yours

Time wasted

August 19, 2017

A triple header
Of missing Time
Forgotten reasons
No rhymes.

Wasted days
Dark and cold
I blinked an eye
Suddenly I’m old

Fools think
Time stands still
Then one day
They are just ill.

The grave comes quick
On this train
The end of suffering
And of pain.

First they hated.
Then they lost their dog.
Then a headache.
Followed by three rainy days.
God forsake them
For their ignorant ways.


August 17, 2017

The loudest
Only silent
In death.

All is well

August 16, 2017

Remember that young fool,
Care free and wanting to give lust
Dressed up on a cheap suit
He called love?
Yeah the one the girls told
He could spend the night
If he’d stay and grow old?
Well sir, have you looked
In a mirror as of late?
I hate to break the news
But one of those girls won
And that young fool?
He did lose.
At least in the last lust of love.
By mistake
He stepped in love
And realized the fool he was
Now old, but happy.
All is well.

Dark spirits

August 15, 2017

The night is always
Sitting in the back of mind
Darkness please be gone

What to give

August 14, 2017

The days slip by
Faster than I can blink
Suddenly tomorrow
Never do I sleep
Alas this is life
The way I pick to live
If only I could stop
And understand what to give