With you

April 17, 2015

Silently sitting
A crowded bar
Wishlessly waiting
A busy bus
Sitting silently
An empty house
Waiting wishlessly
Finally here
With you.


April 16, 2015

An empty heart
An empty mind
Lost from start
Lost my rhyme
No reason
No rhythm
Nothing to gain
Less to lose
Sitting at the bottom
So hard to choose
Right and wrong
Or wrong and right
I’m giving up
On this endless fight

Burnt Out

April 15, 2015

Exhausted from work
Unable to really think
Too much to finish


April 14, 2015

The neon sign drew me in
like the fly I had become
To some familiar dung pile of a bar
Where I perched myself high on a stool
Next to a fellow fly
He turned his head to me
And through cracked lips
And stained teeth exclaimed:
“It doesn’t matter who
Is in control.
As long as it’s someone
Something will be corrupt.
I can’t wait for artificial intelligence
To take over.
At least it’d be intelligent!”


April 13, 2015

Spending moments
Sitting close
It’s when you leave
I miss you most.

Everyday I dream of you
In the night
I want you there
To feel alright.

Missing you
Oh so much
How I crave
Your gentle touch.

Finally holding you
Tight to chest
Moments like these
I feel the best.

The Thunderbird

April 12, 2015



Man Changing into Thunderbird

Norval Morrisseau

Rising from the ash
Of orange uncertainty.
Growing strong fast
With pure  electricity.

Rising from old form
Like the Phoenix in the fire.
Six days of change
Before reaching true desire.

Exploding out of body
The  metamorphosis complete.
Looking where once were toes
Now talons on strong feet.

With the ancient power
Rise the Thunderbird.
Leaving behind the hatred
That his people have observed.

Better days

April 11, 2015

Years of love
Seeming true
A new face
New point of view
Bring forward
The olden way
Remember dearly
A better day