Time Change

November 14, 2017

The quartermaster yelled
Why aren’t you asleep
Waking the hall
Now he’ll really freak!
Everyone anxious
To lay down to rest
But with the screaming
They can only do their best.
Night ends fast
When clocks have come back
It’s a funny feeling
Right out of wack.


Uncertain times

November 13, 2017

Filling up pages
With writing for what?
No one is reading
This silent voice
But quietly defeated
By the lack of response
Regretting the beginning
Nearly eight years ago
For now it’s too much
To keep it up
But I want to get better
But unsure for what

The colour of the mug

November 12, 2017

Blue or green?
White or Beige?
Colours galore
Maybe it’s sage?
Too many questions
To answer too fast
Can’t get a cheat sheet
Can’t look to the past
This colour conundrum
Is nearing the peak
One more question,
Is there one called Teak?

Terms and Conditions

November 11, 2017

After reviewing your content
It has been deemed
Against the moral truths
That this website requires
Relinquish your sin
And perhaps
The great founders
Will allow your existence
To flourish
After monetary penalty
And public humiliation.


November 10, 2017

Days go by
And I forget
Every little
Thing I promised
To do
Yet I still feel
Like I am contributing
To this whirlwind
Of a life


November 9, 2017

This world pushes
Harder and Harder each day
Sometimes it’s too much


November 8, 2017

Hitting the limit
Of what a brain ought to do
Soon will come the sleep