How to quit

September 19, 2017

Am I accomplished
Or a sham?
I can’t decide
Just who I am.
Stuck again
Rock. Hard place.
This introduction Old
I lost the race.
Maybe time
To move on.
But i fear
It’s been too long.


Death race

September 18, 2017

My heart is racing
Yours beats quickly as well
The moment has passed


September 17, 2017

It was in
A dark bar
Not unlike this
That at
The tender age
Of fifteen
I clambered
Into the stool
With a peach fuzz beard
And a dumb smile
Ordered a drink
That’d lead
To countless more
Until this last one
As I’ll never have more.

The ballad of a bad man

September 16, 2017

Davido Davidoff Davido
Was a man as insane as his name
Drinking and dragging and drugging
He drove his family to pain
Davido Davidoff Davido
Never tried to be a real mench
He kept on wasting money
In a thirst he could never quench
Davido Davidoff Davido
Ended up in the darkest of place
Sitting alone in an alley
Screaming alone about lost faith
Davido Davidoff Davido
Never made it to forty five
Left behind a family
Just trying to simply survive


September 15, 2017

My crutches are questions
Castings of doubt
Uncertainty in others
And definitely of self
Add in since worry
Add self-loathing tendencies
Bring on depression
And rage to society
Holding all these crutches
Under one’s arms
Likely doesn’t support
And only causes more harm


September 14, 2017

Today I decided
I’d walk away
From the pains
Of yesterday.
Today I chose
To be my own man
And not carry the burden
Of another’s plan.
Today I became
Who I ought to be
A person happy
And able to see.


September 13, 2017

Nothing but this cold.
Flowing through my head.
What should be water
Is mud.