March 4, 2020

Sometimes all I feel
Is nothing at all
The emptiness
Encloses closer
Than the warmest hug
Than the brightest sun
Than all things good ever could
Leaving me tired


July 3, 2019

What sayeth the wind,
When air moves no more?
What sayeth the waves,
When storms stay ashore?

What sayeth the forest,
When trees no longer grow?
What sayeth the glaciers,
When there is no more snow?

What sayeth the people,
Of mistakes they’ve made?
What sayeth the children
Of the price they will’ve paid?

What sayeth the Lord,
When pain is so abound?
What sayeth the world
When it can’t make a sound?

July 3, 2019

Why does everything
Have to be ok
For everybody?
Why is everyone offended
By everything?
It seems we’ve gotten too
Assured that what makes us
Different is holy
And must never be questioned
Even in a loving way
For someone once
Said it with malice
This logic that once is always
Fails to hold
I guess this is why
We all get so upset
The logic is gone.

July 3, 2019

Oak and steel
Like flesh and bone
Strong and sturdy
Left once grown

July 3, 2019

As you lay there sleeping
I drift awake between thoughts
Never really able to simply stop
Enjoy the moment of our life
The joy and sorrow, t


November 2, 2018

A quiet place

Rain trickling down

Windows left unwashed

Right outside the sound

Water brackish; yet clear

The storm not stirring

Darkness overhead

Calm and solitude below

Finally a break

Hand-like light reaching

Towards the water’s surface

Reflecting on the coast

A peaceful place to rest

Water between mountains tall

Finally seeing the light

Reasons don’t seem so dull


May 30, 2018

What I’ve learned to date
Pales compared to what I thought
I could truly learn