August 28, 2016

The search
Is what leads
To Sadness.

Long term exposure
Can lead
To hopelessness.

Once everything
Means nothing
Happiness can come.

The cycle never ends.


August 27, 2016

Racing to beat it
The clock ticks ever faster
Not going to win

Helping Hand

August 26, 2016

Dreamless drifting
From one idea to the next
Never stopping
Just feeling perplexed
Why is nothing
Ever as it seems
Wishing sometimes
To live my dreams
Make it further
Than I did before
Help another
To learn some more


August 25, 2016

Gently breathing now
You’re in the world of dreams
I lay here awake


August 24, 2016

Running on empty
Days now without any break
Can’t go much longer


August 23, 2016

Keep on going
Until the end and back
Never stopping
No time to relax
Where ever I’m going
I keep flying there
No time to worry
Or have a care
In the end
I can’t keep it up
I must slow down
And leave this rut


August 22, 2016

Sometimes what we say
Is an illusion
A facade
Trying to hide
The truth
Behind a wall
Of hopes
That things
Will improve
When we all know
That it is what it is
And the words
Bear not the truth
But just the bitter pain
Below their outward charm