March 3, 2015

Your smile is contagious
Spreading from your lips
All the way to mine
Everytime I see you
It’s like your laughter
Spilling from my mouth
It’s like your passion
Felt in my heart
Every bit of you
Projecting from me
You are amazing.

Human Thought

March 2, 2015

There is one drug
More addictive
Than anything
You could ingest.

It seeps its way
Into your soul
And makes it crave
And want more

When it runs low
You feel like death
Is the only way
To be okay again

Then at your low
It seeps in again
Hearts race
Blood rushes

As that addictive
Substance seeps in
Illuminating everything
The world is yours again

In the wee hours
You lay awake
And oh you ache
For she isn’t there

The cycle starts
And again
And again.

Just hello

March 1, 2015

The invisible man
Alone in his apartment
The bustling city below
He doesn’t have a care
Of what the world has to offer
Nor of what he can offer it
He is content to sit alone
And watch ten thousand lives
Drive silently by on the freeway
Not knowing nor caring
About how he and his type feel
He doesn’t feel empty nor lost
Just unnoticeable by all
If only someone would say hello.

Perfect night

February 28, 2015

Sitting here
Happy as can be
Thinking the happiest thoughts
Nothing can be wrong
Perfect night

The flow

February 27, 2015

Just another day
In this endless steam of time
Better than the last

Today marks 5 years of A Poem a Day. Thank you to all my dedicated readers to motivate me to reach this  accomplishment.

All the best,


February 26, 2015

A bird chirps
From in the tree
We break bread
So solemnly

A grave day
A grey night
Another wish
Another fight

We work hard
But it hardly works
Must try and find
Some small perks

A life without love
Is a waste of air
A life without you
Just seems unfair


February 25, 2015

You struck me
Truly stunned
I couldn’t help
But hold my breath
In pure shock
Of both your
Beauty and brains
It is enough
To drive me insane
So much there
I want you to know
There’s always a place
For you in my arms