October 25, 2016

Since we first embarked
Your smile was luminous
Lighting the way home

Light of my life

October 24, 2016

All the lights
Do not equate
To the brightness
You emit
When you smile
And illuminate
My world


October 23, 2016

A misty morning
A foggy night
A stormy sea
A silent fright
A gloomy day
A restless morn
A fearful friend
So full of scorn


October 22, 2016

Some days I lose track
Of the reasons I’m Okay
My mind slips into a dark space
Entering disarray

It’s on these bouts of darkness
That everything seems wrong
They come on so gently
Then they hit me strong

I have to learn to live with them
To just do my very best
If I let them take over me
I’ll be just like the rest


October 21, 2016

Every night better
Than the one I lost my way
Up from the bottom

Political prerogative

October 20, 2016

Latched on to what belongs
Forgetting right forgetting wrong
Keep believing it’s okay
Wouldn’t have it another way
No one’s fooled by you
Might want to trade your point of view
Switch it out for something soft
Empty and airy, just like a loft
Never admitting you don’t know a thing
Every little comment, of they must sting

Eternal sleep

October 19, 2016

The night is still young
But alas we are not so
Sleep comes to quickly