Falling skies

June 19, 2017

When the sky is falling
And everyone is running away
I’ll stand by your side
I’ll hold your hand
And I’ll pray.
I’ll pray for our sanity
I’ll pray for our love
I’ll pray that we’ll outlast
This death from above
For when your hand
Intertwines with mine
The world could be ending
But I know we’ll be fine

This fire

June 18, 2017

This fire burns
Even on the coldest night
The shrillest wind
A sheepish fright

Yes this fire burns
Hot bright true
A beautiful sight
The spark you grew

This fire burns
In our hearts
It once was small
Until it sparked

This fire burns
Because we fit
It feels so good
Hand and mitt


June 17, 2017

I keep dreaming
That this is all
A dream
It seems crazy
But when I wake
I realize
The dream is that
It is not
And reality
Is really
This surreal


June 16, 2017

Run, run more
Move away
Get out!
It’s too late.


June 15, 2017

What will happen next
I don’t know
You don’t know
Nobody knows!
How can nobody know?
This is insane
Every breath
A mystery
We can’t even
Learn from history
What will happen
What will it be
I wish I knew
It’d cure my

Racing the clock

June 14, 2017

Racing around it
Three hundred sixty degrees
Back to the same start


June 13, 2017

Old Oak doors
Block the way
Sturdy, old
But unmoving
Never came.