August 10, 2017

Brick by Brick
You build a wall
Beyond the realm
Of where I fell
Trapped away
In this courtyard
Of pain
Not sure how
You got me here
Brick on brick
It keeps going up
Until the end
It will erupt


August 9, 2017

The day
I wish
I was
Was the day
I realized
Just keeps
On going
If your age


August 8, 2017

Eight days
Into a new month
Abe already
Eight days
Behind where
I wish I was

Empty soul

August 7, 2017

The days pass by fast
Leaving me away from life
In true emptiness


August 6, 2017

Watching you
From across the room
My heart races
And skips
A beat or two
God you are perfect
The curly dark hair
The easy smile
And that perfect laugh
I thank the gods
For every moment
I get
By your side

On the town

August 5, 2017

A night out tonight
After so many busy
Times stuck at my house

Let’s save the world

August 5, 2017

Your light brown eyes
And your big soft smile
Are enough
To make me feel
That we may survive
Even as the world deteriorates
Into a pool of filth
And destruction
Beyond our youthful recognition
With you by my side
Anything is possible