Gun Control

February 21, 2018

When will the guns
Be treated like sticks
That are taken away
When children are bad?
When will we band up
And decide to fix
A broken system
That has swallowed whole
The hopes and dreams
Of countless children, and adults
Without a thought
When will we stand up
And say



February 20, 2018

I love you so much
My sweetest dearest baby
You make me smile

No one can stop you

February 19, 2018

Reach out
Into the night
And touch the stars
We cannot see
Mere mortals once
Eternity came
When we let go
And set our minds free
Free to wonder and wander
To search for what we will
To find peace, joy, and freedom
To never feel ill.
Next time someone
Tries to shoot your dreams down
Remember you can
Reach out for the stars
And no one can stop you.

February 18, 2018

Rushing around now
The Sun, the moon, and the clouds
Another day passed


February 17, 2018

You make life
Feel like a sweet
Treat to live
Simple and satisfying
Everything just right
You are the light
Guiding my way through
For being my soulmate
I just want to thank you


February 16, 2018

It’s been a few minutes
Since this ride commenced
I’m starting to think
It won’t end
Until one of two things
Three more years pass
And we all look back
asking what was that
Or nothing lasts another three
As a year is only counted
When this rock spins
Around the sun

The Red Button

February 15, 2018

In the twilight of these dark days
I see light, but it’s fading away
When will the sun, surface again
Taking away, this stain of shadow
That is over us now from left to right
It seems so long, since we were alright
Dark times are coming, East and West
Angry men, with too much power
Threatening all that each other have
And for what? A show of strength?
How strong is it really to shade the sun
With the chaos of darkness
Caused by one?
It seems to me, that this must be stopped
But the darkness grows by the day
Shootings, death, starvation, decay.
It must end some day soon
Otherwise tomorrow
Might be a nuclear noon.