March 31, 2011

Lost in this moment.
So perfect
All else
And left to waste
No time for
The daily
Or nightly
That always fill
My mind.
The burden of remembering
Albeit, only for this night
The majestic moment between
Reality and fallacy
When, every love

Attention Seeking

March 30, 2011

Attention needed
No matter what
hatred heated
In the gut

Useless lives
Lived too long
Born in dives
Something’s wrong

Pointed out
Centred in
Left to shout
Not to win

Tidal Wave

March 29, 2011

A tidal wave
Coming at shore
My heart to save
Before it takes more

A crashing sea
Full of unrest
Why can’t you free
My heart from chest

Monstrous tide
Crashing on the coast
Reminding me you lied
And that you still boast

Calmest storm
Hitting the most
No longer feel warm
When docked at your coast

This was posted on the 29th but I was a genius and somehow published it pending review (by who?). Anyways, here it is, and will be sure to post later today. All the best, MS

Droning On

March 28, 2011

Ringing unanswered.
Left alone.
To drone on
Til the end of time.
Speaking unanswered
Left alone.
To drone on
Til the end of time.
Going unanswered.
Left alone.
To drone on
Til the end of time.
Being unanswered
Left alone.
To Drone on
Til the end of time.

A flower

March 27, 2011

As time goes by
The pedals die.
As age sets in
The colours dim.
As life goes past
The smell won’t last.

But in its prime
Its beauty was a crime
On its best day
Its pedals never fell stray
Under its finest light
The smell was pure delight

In time a flower dies
Decomposing for the flies
Creeping out of sight
What once made delight
Like so much in this land
It never lasts as planned.

wine and Cheese

March 26, 2011

Cheeses and fine wine
So many rich flavours
Delicious night

Into the Void

March 25, 2011

Off to the race
Seeing mind
Seeing space
Lashes end
Where time begins
Calming bend
In an evil twist
Focused deep
In the lie
Mind stands still
In my eye
Every second
Back to you
Always fought
To change my view
You worked hard
To show me it
I never saw
What you bit
So much trouble
Such a sad state
One thing it lacks
Is that bit of hate
Only love
Ever survived
Death did part
Tears I cried
Passed it now
That longing is here
Never knew how
I would get over the fear.