February 28, 2017

The years slip
Like sand through
A clenched fist
Into the beach
Of time
Never to be
From those
Already passed
In this endless stream
Of existence.

Dear constant reader,

This post denotes the 7th complete year of this blog, originally started as an attempt to write more frequently. For those of you who have been with me from the beginning, you will have surely recognized changes in my style and techniques over the years. Thank you for taking this journey with me. For all of you who have joined me along the path, I have to give you all my gratitude. Without you, this blog would never have come to fruition.

Lastly, I would like to thank all my dear friends and family who have loved and supported me in my journey. Without each of you, I don’t think I could have ever finished the first year of this project, never mind the following six!

Thank and all the best,

Thank you

February 29, 2016

Thank you all for dropping by
Even if to just say hi
Thank you all for listening
Even when it wasn’t the best
Thank you all for coming through
To take the time to hear my view
Thank you all for being by my side
Helping me learn with a great stride
Thank you all for lifting me back up
When I was down and feeling the end
Thank you all for making this real
Full of gratitude is how I feel.
Thank you so much for the support
It has kept this going I can report
Thank you for setting through both bad and good
And being the ones who understood
Thanks a million my loyal core
You’ve helped my spirits truly soar

Dear readers,

Yesterday marked the six year mark of this daily little challenge of mine. I wanted to take this time to thank all of you for spending a few moments with me out of your busy day. You’ve all been wonderful and supportive. Every like, comment, follow and thought never goes unappreciated. Without your constant support, this project would have fizzled off like so many others do. So I mean this from the bottom of my heart – Thank You!

All the best,

Three Years

February 28, 2013

Today marks the third anniversary of this blog. It has been a long, strange and often challenging experience to post daily for these past three years. I am still up in the air as to whether I will continue to write daily. For now, until I decide, I guess I will keep at it. Thank you all for your constant support and dedicated reading. Without the feedback, this blog would not have made it this long. With over 1000 posts, and 1500 comments, I must say that you truly are what drives me to continue this project. Now let me leave you with a poem (totally unrelated to this event):

The Blond wisp
Of her haggard hair
Rotting around
The grey line
Of her jowl-less jaw
The faint feel
Of her freckle-less face
The empty eyes
Drooping deep within
The misplaced mouth
With its gangrenous grin
Begging for a fix
Far too thin
The killer cackle
From her choked up chest
As her soft smoke
Billows and blows
Dearest death
Sits still and silent
Waiting to suddenly strike
Eliminating this waste
Of a once normal life.


December 1, 2011

Looks like I missed December 1st!

Departures and Arrivals

February 27, 2011

Dear Constant Readers,

A year ago today in the middle of a cool February afternoon, I stumbled across a blog on an acquaintances  Facebook.  Being bored and not having anything better to do (more like not wanting to do the better things I had to do), I clicked the link.  From this simple action, an idea was born.  The blog I clicked on was like a door into the mind of a twenty-something year old grad student.  It was both fascinating and frightening.  I found myself burning hours away reading about troublesome classes and concepts that looked nice on paper but harshly failed in reality.  As I read further I found a poem.  It was of a very different style than any I had read or written at that point.  Its pace was set in the length of the lines; the harsh one word responses to the troubled fumbling of young love.  It was beautiful.  This poem did more than convey emotion though, it inspired me to work on a project I had put off for a long time.  For a large part of my life, I have written various things.  In recent years, those things have migrated to mostly poetry.  I found that poetry helped me deal with the pains of life and the struggles I am having.  I always wanted to make these public, knowing if even one person facing these struggles found them and felt comfort I would have done some good with my books upon books of writing.  I also wanted to make this set of posts unique and challenging that I could be proud to say I had accomplished.  So, with this in mind and the strong push of a close friend, I started my own blog, posting one poem new or old, every day for one year.  And so the adventure started…

It is here I would like to thank my constant readers as well as my good friends who each in their own way pushed me along for the last 12 months.   You have given me the motivation to complete this project.  Thank you to everyone for reading, commenting, liking and helping me progress as a writer.  Without you, I don’t think the last 365 days would have been successful at all.  This blog started out as a concept, and ended as a road map through a year of my life told in almost 400 pieces ranging in size from 3 lines to over 100.  Each poem says something, some well written, some not.  Some of them are from when I first tried writing some are written as recently as yesterday.  Some of them are about highs, some are about lows.  But what each has in common is a little part of me, I can say I shared with people around the globe.  Finally, if for nothing else, I would like to thank you for allowing this to be a reality.

The one greatest accomplishment I have felt over the past year is learning to write about the good and not just the bad.  I remember sitting at dinner with a dear friend in early January 2010, discussing my poetry.  I had just completed the challenge of typing 100 of my poems, and we were discussing some of them.  She told me I had a lot of talent but she did not like the dark tone present in almost everything I wrote.  I set out on this journey planning on changing that as a goal.  In order to do this, I couldn’t simply post all my old poems and call it a day.  I had to write new poems almost every day from the start of this blog until now.  This has progressed me more than any other advice and for that I would like to thank you Fiona.

Finally, I would like to steal one more minute of your time to ask you, constant reader, a favour.  This isn’t a huge favour, more of a small request.  I am wondering if any of you who made it this far could tell me their favourite poem from the past 365 days.  I am planning on continuing this site, but with more newly written material instead of the mixture of new and old I am currently using.  The reason for this favour is to simply see what styles catch my reader’s eye, and which I should leave behind as failed experiments.

Once again, Thank you for the support, praise, criticism and thoughts.  Everyone has been helpful in progressing my creative works.  I started this blog as a hack, just trying to get my feelings out in words.  Now as I come to the conclusion of the first year of doing this, I can see the improvement in my writing.  And for this I thank you all.

All the best!

Mark Stevensson

Departures and Arrivals

It starts as an arrival
But ends in a departure
Leaving reality
Entering the fallacy
That final thing
Feared by many
Known by none
Can never be out run.
Coming in every day
Finding new paths
Making new lives
When passion arrives.
Solomon’s prayer
Life was given
But only in death
Can we take our final breath