Into the darkness

September 3, 2016

Why is it always night
When I sit down and start to write
Never in the day
When others are out to play
Always in the dark
Is when I embark
On my quest to understand
My mind’s strangest land
And in the night I fear
You will never just cover near
And see me for who I can be
Maybe tonight I’ll become free
From the curse of the dark
On my journey I now embark!


March 16, 2016

What have I become
So dark and empty hearted
Left to my demise

Pitch black Perfection

January 15, 2016

The soothing dark
No longer easy to find
That true darkness
Vast, empty, void
No man-made light
No bulbs or candles
Just the stars
As far as the eye can see


December 14, 2015

Silent night
Not a star in the sky
Deep dark dreary
So chilling and alone
Not a light to be seen
Complete darkness
Like smooth silk
Slipping smoothly across the land


August 24, 2015

Sleep steals the bright day
Turning the sun to shadow
And leaving darkness


May 27, 2015

Just as one door shuts
A world of new ones open
Leading us to death

In The Dark

May 13, 2015

The light
At the end
Of the tunnel
Isn’t the sun,
But just
The adjustment
Of your eyes
To living
In the dark
For so long