July 29, 2014

This post
Will resolve
All the fighting
All the violence
All the abuse.
If every last soul
Stopped and took
Two minutes
From what they
Were currently engaged in
And read these lines
All at the same
Exact moment
In time
We would be without
And abuse
But alas
We don’t educate
Our poor
We don’t enable
Our under appreciated
We don’t respect
Our elders
And thus
No problem
Will ever be


February 10, 2014

Addicted to it
Completely hooked on it
No escaping it
Everywhere I see it
Struggling with it
Wishing I wasn’t it
Trapped with it
For it is me
And I am it
It is hate


August 12, 2013

Don’t you see
Has gone
Completely crazy.
Banning this
Stopping that
Just because
The host’s a brat
Let them play
It’s the Olympic games
Friendly sport
Not a time to Blane

Love and Hate

February 4, 2013

Lost without you
Only loneliness remains
Variable mood
Ever is there an end?

Heaven is waiting
After all these years
Tired of nothing
Eternity is here.

Binder Full

October 17, 2012

A binder full
No less.
No more.
None are viable
Even if it were true
Shows us something
True about you
Treat a group
Like they deserve
And maybe
Just maybe
You will learn
To get respected
The way they deserve.
But until that day
Lose the nerve.
You already lost
Your only game
And you are the one
The one to blame.

diePhone 5

September 13, 2012

Consumer sheep
All in a line
To pay their dues
To the corporations
They love more
Than their closest
Human counterparts
All for what?
A thinner, longer
Mimic of what they
Already own.
Why bother buying
What you have
When you could
Give that money
To someone
Who can’t afford
To survive?


August 6, 2012

You broke my heart
Then healed it
Only to squeeze
Harder still
And shatter it
Beyond repair
For the first time
I can see
You are the one
Who set me free
Shattered the heart
leaving emotion out
I’ll never love again
I do not doubt
The pain it brings
Outweighs the good
If only you knew
I wished I could.