A place of my own

September 13, 2016

Potential getting low
It’s hard to decide
What words should come next
I am perplexed

They just come and go
I never really pick
What I want to tell you
They just sort of flow

In the end I cannot stop
It’s been too long since the start
Lost my rhyme and my count
But I’ll always have this spot

Into the darkness

September 3, 2016

Why is it always night
When I sit down and start to write
Never in the day
When others are out to play
Always in the dark
Is when I embark
On my quest to understand
My mind’s strangest land
And in the night I fear
You will never just cover near
And see me for who I can be
Maybe tonight I’ll become free
From the curse of the dark
On my journey I now embark!


August 28, 2016

The search
Is what leads
To Sadness.

Long term exposure
Can lead
To hopelessness.

Once everything
Means nothing
Happiness can come.

The cycle never ends.


August 15, 2016

Lost in my own little world
Unable to open the door
And let my mind fly free
Trapped inside
Clawing to get out
But only hurting

Light at the end

May 11, 2016

I don’t know what to write
I’ve given up the fight
Longing for it to be not true
That eventually we’ll lose you
But in the end we go
It’s something I wish I didn’t know
For the pain waiting brings
Oh how it stings
Deep and empty aches
Until everything just breaks
And then I see the sun
Knowing the time has come
I want to be alright
In this endless night


May 10, 2016

Lost now like always
No path leads to happiness
Struggling onward

Meant to Be

February 22, 2016

Time can pass faster every second as it speeds towards a known end
But as the end that is not known grows closer
It can slow and bend and twist, we can remember all we missed
All we thought we could have done but didn’t
Yet as we know this end is near
Our minds and souls fill with fear
That we haven’t done what God wanted us to do
And in his view we failed and knew
Yet this is not how a God shall be
For a God shall know just what to see
How to view the good that was done
And understand what was not won
Sometimes it’s hard to split these apart
But we do know in our heart of hearts
Exactly what we want, wish and need
Is not always what was meant for us.