Forgot but remembered

February 23, 2018

Like a one hit wonder
She faded into obscurity
but that simple smile stayed
burned into his mind

Groove back

February 12, 2018

Tomorrow’s tomorrow is today.
Catching up in a great way.
The days align
Before the year’s renew.
It feels so sad.
To have abandoned you.
But I plan
To give this another crack.
Keep up daily
And really be back!

Getting better

February 7, 2018

By George! I think it might happen
The stars tonight
Might align
And I may be better
No more cough
Cold, sneezing mess
Just feeling myself
It’d be the best!!

Right vs Wrong

January 11, 2018

How many times
Must I say this!
You mustn’t be
I must be right.
I always am.
Or is that
The problem?

Losing it

October 30, 2017

Dark night
Dull morning
Bleak sky
Snow storming.
Cold days.
Frozen Twilight.
Still darkness.
At daylight.
Clocks forward.
Clocks back.
Sanity not.
Total lack.


September 13, 2017

Nothing but this cold.
Flowing through my head.
What should be water
Is mud.

Clawing home

September 5, 2017

Break from the normal
And push on ahead
Run on the track
And pace with the tread
Eventually seeing
The light to come
Just keep on breathing
And remember to run