August 31, 2017

All caught up again
Until tomorrow is here
Making me behind


August 30, 2017

This constant catchup
Is running me in circles
No start, no ending

Night and day

August 29, 2017

Under the stars
It seemed ok
But then the sun
Shined bright
Maybe it’s me
Our you
That started
This everlasting fight
Does it matter?
For it only
Seems right
At night.

The being in the machine

August 28, 2017

This machine
Will now write
The most likely
Poem of the night:

I am not sure
I am not sure if you have any questions
I am not able to make sure
Hi and thanks for your time
The New adventures of Tintin and I
Hi Jessica thanks John I hope this helps you

That’s it.
Sentients is near.
I do fear.
In the future
Art will die.

And now a break

August 27, 2017

I cannot write.
That’s it.
I quit.
(More to come after this commercial break)
Maybe I can.
But it seems so wrong.
To stop.
And advertise.
Full of lies.
Right in the middle.
Of my art.


August 26, 2017

Are there any points
That are original now
After all the years


August 25, 2017

Back in the country
Quiet compared to cities
A little too much