March 31, 2015

So many hours
Until I next visit you
My heart is aching

The Mess

March 30, 2015

When we were young
We thought the world
Was perfect
When we were young
We thought we did
No harm
When we were young
We thought we could
Live forever
When we were young
We lived our lives
For us
Now that we’re old
We regret not doing
What young hearts
Said to do
We regret not doing
What our minds
We regret not doing
What our hearts
Felt was true
Now that were old
It’s too late
To fix the mess
We all made

Cycling opposition

March 29, 2015

I will learn
Wrong from right
Right from left
Left from Stay
Stay from moved
Moved from still
Still from new
New from old
Old from young
Young from weak
Weak from Strong
Strong from powerful
Powerful from righteous
Righteous from correct
Correct from right
Right from wrong
And complete
The circle of life


March 28, 2015


Bitter Cold

March 27, 2015

The bitter cold
Chilling me
Right to the bone
A cold night
It’s March,
Trending April.
What is this
The cruel cold
Canadian climate
Even after
Twenty five to life
I still feel
The bitterness
Of these nights
Right in
My empty soul

You are my World

March 26, 2015

You make me smile
When the world turns it’s back
You are the force
That stops the attack
You are the presence
So beautiful and pure
You are the one
Making me feel secure
You are so gracious
Kind to the very bone
You make me happy
Even on my nights alone


March 25, 2015

And with those
Two little words
She changed
His life forever:
I’m done.