February 4, 2015

A damaged dish
A damaged dream
A damaged heart
A damaged thing.

A broken dish
A broken dream
A broken heart
A broken thing.

A shattered dish
A shattered dream
A shattered heart
A shattered thing.

A fix for one
A solution for two
But the final is
A final view.

Together and Apart

June 25, 2014

Aligned on one thing
That this is the end of it
No more faking love

It hurt to admit
But in the end it saved me
A lifetime of pain

Thankfully we did
Walk away from all the hurt
We caused together

Damage done

July 14, 2013

You tried so hard
To hide the truth
But in the end
Like all dirty
Little things
It seeped though
Straining this perfect
Little retreat
With the pain
And heartbreak
Once thought to
Be lost and settled
years before
Don’t you dare try
To rekindle
What you chose
To destroy

The Fray

October 25, 2012

Stepping in
So suddenly,
A breathless pass
So shamelessly.
Took a peek,
A moment too long.
Felt the sting,
Felt it strong.
The quiver of heart,
The tremble of hand,
That knowing feeling,
That life’s not planned.
You looked so happy,
But underneath
You looked broken:
In disbelief.
So much pain
Your poor eyes saw.
I wanted to help you,
To fix you,
To save you.
I thought once
It was all my fault,
That your life
Had hit a halt.
But in the end
I knew it was not;
A lesson I learned
I was just caught.
Stuck between
Your calm still eyes,
And that darker side
That can paralyze.
It crippled me
Brought me down.
I guess you can’t fix
A permanent frown.
For underneath all the bad,
All that anger,
And all the sad,
Is that poor little girl,
Once just a teen.
The one who saw
More than I have seen.
Pain and anguish,
Hurt for no cause,
Makes you think,
Makes you pause.
In the end,
I had to walk away,
And leave you there
In the fray.

Cleaning the City

May 20, 2012

City streets
Same old creeps
Crack den fear
Foggy and Clear
Blood runs cold
Time has gotten old
Playing pipes of smoke
Praying not to choke
Anotehr ashy death
Stuttering out a breathe
Feeling the end is near
Crying one last fear
As the drug takes a life
Not fast like a knife
But slow as an ember’s burn
If only people would learn
It isn’t the man’s fault
His life came to a hault
All of us play a part
From the day he did start

Eye’s of Love

May 16, 2012

Piercing eyes of Icy blue
Penetrating focus; a perfect view
Deep set with intentions dark
To deadly places her ship will embark

Dragging demons; a siren’s screams
What the eye sees, is not all it seems
Shadowy focus can obscure the true
Hiding what’s needed to see a view

Icy iris, intense and pure
Once locked on, there is no cure
Love is a nymph hiding in the eyes
Once she strikes, the prey is paralyzed

Unable to move from her vision’s path
If it tries, it will feel her wrath.
The only way to break the stare
Is to forget everything and cease to care

Just Remember

April 27, 2012

That numb you feel
Will pass with time
Just remember
She committed the crime.
It’s not your fault
She treated you bad
Just remember
It’s okay to feel sad.
You are strong
And a resilient man
Just remember
God has a plan.
She is the problem
None of it’s true
Just remember
We all love you.
James, we are here for you. Through good and bad.