January 31, 2012

Death comes
Ending the life
Just about to bud
Cut off swiftly
Before blossom

Off Point

January 30, 2012

The great void
Of life.
Nothing happens
Then an inevitable end.
To what avail
What is the purpose?
What is the point?
We kill and cheat
And lie and deceive;
We rape, we pillage
And abuse our own creed.
When did we ruin
Our big chance
To live is to die
No need to make a stance
The point of life
Is to make it to death
Guess we all win
When we erase
What is best.

Billowing winds

January 29, 2012

Light, cool mountain breeze
Blowing down from far above
Leaving the city white


January 28, 2012

So many people
Such a small room
Nobody sees
The dark gloom
So many faces
So much life
Nobody sees
All the strife.
So many pulses
So much energy
Nobody sees
None of this is free
So many conversations
So much noise
Nobody sees
This silent voice.

The City Streets

January 27, 2012

The city streets
Oh they weep
Oil stained tears
For mankind’s foolish fears
Dark black gold
Turning personalities cold
Not knowing wrong from right
Wanting to pick a fight
The city streets
Secrets they keep
Hidden from eye sight
Enough to bring up fright
The gravy train derailed
But the driver wasn’t hailed
For he was corrupt as all
Soon he will take his fall.

The Dream

January 26, 2012

The front door is ajar
I walk in gazing far
Then the mirror strikes my eye
Oh but this must be a lie.
No it’s not I am assured
This is reality; so absurd.
The mirror sat on my parents wall
Leading off to the hall.
The same place as this one did
My mind relapsed; with a skid.
In a dream this would make sense
But it isn’t a dream; the world’s dense
How can the two be so real.
I can really touch; I can really feel.
I don’t see how this has become
Life and dream have come undone.

Forgotten Fight

January 25, 2012

That dark seed
Planted deep within
Flowering now
Reminding of sin
Growing large
So deep inside
Telling you
The times I’ve lied
Every pain
Like a water drop
Nourishing the seed
So it can grow to the top
Eventually sprouting
Right through your mouth
Breaking apart
This sacred oath.