October 11, 2017

Rumor has it
If you listen
Just enough
To everyone else
You begin to hear
Only their truths


The pain

October 10, 2017

The shadows grow long
As my despair grows darker
Killing all my dreams

Different truths

October 9, 2017

You want to know
What really happened
The objective truth
Of the subjective scene
Transpiring before your eyes?
The objective truth
Was lost in the subjective
Truths of those who
Actually partook in
What you laid witness to
And objectively speaking
They live in very different truths


October 8, 2017

There used to be a time
When the news
Told stories
Of good fortune
Of luck and hope
Of peace and dreamers
But now it’s just
Pain, misery, anguish
And a healthy side
Of death and despair
What happened to
The good old days
Of greener grass
And softer meadows?


October 7, 2017

Why even bother to
Put on a smile when it’s
Clearly not for real


October 6, 2017

The darkness
It slips in
I think
I can be

Keeping down

October 5, 2017

It seems to be
Once a week
That I stop
And really think
About what happened
So long ago
About what is wrong
With my old brain
About the pain
Rooted so deep
And about why
I keep it down.