May 30, 2018

What I’ve learned to date
Pales compared to what I thought
I could truly learn



May 29, 2018

Off to the races
step by step
Falling behind
Until in the end
The midpoint
Is all I’ll
ever reach
The sad truth
Of too many lives

Into sleep

May 28, 2018

It’s time again to go to sleep

Over the moon I’m counting sheep

Off to a land of lives I’ve lived

Workout a plan I travel.

Into the darkness traveling fast

Visions of the future made of the past

Into the darkness I shall rise

Rest my head and shut my eyes


May 27, 2018

The Stars are out of reach

I fell far from my high horse

Humility may resurrect me.

February 27, 2018

The tides are changing
Much has passed
In these Eight years
Another time
In another place
A young boy full of fears
Day by day
I grew up slow
Still unsure
Where I ought to go
Following the path
Of whom I don’t know
But one day I’ll reach the end
Until that day
I’ll write away
Passing the time slow
In the end
Will I know
My spirit can lay at rest
Or must I pay wait
Tempted by fate
And never know
My end?

This poem marks eight years of writing on this blog. Thank you all for your support and guidance on this personal journey! I hope you all find your path, where ever it may lead.

All the best,

In silence

February 26, 2018

The voices say
Make them pay
it’s their job
To suffer

The shadows laugh
As the daft
who think they are
So bright

The anger boils
As I toil
With what to do
about it

The darkness ends
The Bender
Stifling the voices
in silence


February 24, 2018

When will this sickness
Cease it’s grip on my tired lungs
And free me to breathe