June 30, 2015

I have run out of things to say
Exhausting the infinite collection
Of possible combinations of words
Reducing it to a finite string
Of dull, drab, mundane tones
Nothing left of the flourish once flaunted
Just misery and a missing verbal variety
The same words, same order, same timing
Nothing is new anymore


June 29, 2015

Circling around it
Like a buzzard near a kill
Only one option left

Until daybreak

June 28, 2015

Not enough time
To think of a rhyme
It is so late
I can’t debate
I should be asleep
Or at least counting sheep
But I lie awake
Until daybreak

Over Connected

June 27, 2015

The dark
An envelope
A dying form
Of communication
The lonesomeness
It grows with
The light

You Illuminate Me

June 26, 2015

The love I feel when
Your hands cross my nude body
Could light the world

A Tragic End

June 25, 2015

Her heart set alight
A truly carnal feeling
Deep within
Pushing out all else
Until only that glow remained.

Her beauty lit up the world
Brighter than the very stars
Which brought us life
It was enough
To drive one insane.

Her words were humble
Like the soft movements
Of a butterfly
Floating over perfect lips
Into every ear that could hear them.

But her intentions pure
Were misunderstood
By the world flaunting over her
The story ends like all before
In great tragedy


June 24, 2015

One more time.
One more loss.
One more time.
One more loss.
One more time.
One more loss.
When will I get the point?