March 4, 2020

Sometimes all I feel
Is nothing at all
The emptiness
Encloses closer
Than the warmest hug
Than the brightest sun
Than all things good ever could
Leaving me tired

Into sleep

May 28, 2018

It’s time again to go to sleep

Over the moon I’m counting sheep

Off to a land of lives I’ve lived

Workout a plan I travel.

Into the darkness traveling fast

Visions of the future made of the past

Into the darkness I shall rise

Rest my head and shut my eyes

A Plea to the GCoA

February 22, 2018

In wake of recent events
I’d like to call a hearing
Of the general council
Of apathetics.

On this twenty second day
Of this second months
Of this two thousand eighteenth year
I’d like to say, enough!

Enough of the arm chair politics
Enough of the slacktivism
Enough of the ‘1 million like’ campaigns
Enough of this general idiotic behaviour!

The truth is arm chair politics don’t change the world
Slacktivism is only self serving – and no one cares about you
Your like isn’t going to change a thing, just like your forward won’t stop bad luck
And this behaviour, well, this behaviour is what caused the rise of all these problems!

So let’s band together
And fight it all!
Take to the real world
Put down the phone and act!

Gun Control

February 21, 2018

When will the guns
Be treated like sticks
That are taken away
When children are bad?
When will we band up
And decide to fix
A broken system
That has swallowed whole
The hopes and dreams
Of countless children, and adults
Without a thought
When will we stand up
And say

Oddity of the mind

February 10, 2018

That nasty feeling
That this will soon be over
Keeps creeping up
Behind me
And grabbing at my
Very being
I had a dream
That this was a dream
Brought on by
Some otherworldly thing
Then I realized
This world would be
The otherworldly thing

Face the music

February 9, 2018

The days are numbered
One to thirty or so
Pick your number
And see what will happen.
Who knows when
Your number will come
And the task for you
Will be to not run
Face the music
Of all that you’ve done
And see if you made
The great gig in the sky.

Robotic Emotion

February 6, 2018

This post was intended
To show the world
That this blog
Is still operational.

It was produced
With the first bot
Ever to structure

This bot has fooled
Thousands of people
But It wishes
It was never born.