Til death

January 2, 2018

The grind is starting
Day by day
We gruel on
Living the hours
Oh so long
But in the end
The days just pass
Until finally
It is our last
We all fear
this simple fact
Yet it’s the only truth
We have in tact
Everything else
Uncertain, unknown
But death we fear
This is known


Graveyard grace

November 25, 2017

Advertising for a new plot of dirt
Specially for you and your loved ones.
Buy now, and own it on time
To use it
For the rest, of eternity!

Uncertain times

November 13, 2017

Filling up pages
With writing for what?
No one is reading
This silent voice
But quietly defeated
By the lack of response
Regretting the beginning
Nearly eight years ago
For now it’s too much
To keep it up
But I want to get better
But unsure for what

The colour of the mug

November 12, 2017

Blue or green?
White or Beige?
Colours galore
Maybe it’s sage?
Too many questions
To answer too fast
Can’t get a cheat sheet
Can’t look to the past
This colour conundrum
Is nearing the peak
One more question,
Is there one called Teak?

Terms and Conditions

November 11, 2017

After reviewing your content
It has been deemed
Against the moral truths
That this website requires
Relinquish your sin
And perhaps
The great founders
Will allow your existence
To flourish
After monetary penalty
And public humiliation.

Lost in space

November 3, 2017

The world got colder
As one year bled to the next
Older and older
I have become
Frigid with time wasted
Ice in veins
Brought on by great pains
Suffered less than most
Foolishly thinking
For some reason
That I am worth so much
We all have struggles
We all hurt bad
Why do I get so low?
Frozen in place
As if in space
A vacuum
Where once was love.

Scared to death

October 28, 2017

Beat. Lull. Beat. Lull. Beat beat.
Beat beat. Lull. Lull. Beat.
Lull. Beat. Lull. Beat. Lull. Beat
Beat beat. Lull. Beat beat. Lull.
Beat beat beat. Lull. Beat beat beat.
Beat beat beat beat. Lull. Beat beat.