Make me feel

October 20, 2015

Slender fingers
Working expertly
Into my hair
Sliding slowly
Down my scalp
To my neck
Around my back
As a sudden light
Dawns on us
And I see clearly
The lust and love
Making what’s mine yours
And what’s yours mine
This feeling of ours
So sensual and surreal
That a touch can make
Oh it can make me feel


January 17, 2015

A photograph
Chemically burnt
Into my mind
Never forgotten
One thousand lovers
Could toss
Between these sheets
And in the two thousand eyes
Only yours I’ll meet
For it is there
Burnt in my skull
Eventually causing
All other feelings to dull.


October 23, 2014

A small kiss
Placed with surgical precision
On the point your leg connects
Sending goosebumps
From toe to head
An electric show of passion
Like none other
A soft hand in softer hair
Drawing me nearer to you
As the slow selective kisses
Work your wonderful waist
To the point of no return
The the real magic happens.

Eyes Open

October 13, 2014

The eyes were open
As you let him in
Your mouth darkened
As you sinned

Sunday came, as did you
Repent like the fools always do
The priest didn’t believe
And neither did you

So Friday came
You at his door
Begging and pleading
“Please give me more!”

Sunday came
As did you
The priest gave penance
To your false virtue


July 15, 2014

Pure passion was made
The afterglow of our love
Shines through to the stars

Waves Crash Out

June 1, 2014

The feel of your lips
As they slowly part
For me.
Oh a shiver
And a quiver
As I slide in your sea
Deeper deeper
The waves crash out
A scream
A muted shout!
Ah what passion
That we see
Could it be?
The feel of your lips
The pain of your grip
Bringing it closer
Closer to me
Passionate interruption
To the state of consumption
Finally setting free.

Out of Darkness

April 15, 2014

Fire on the horizon
Midnight’s nearer than e’er before
The black velvet slips down
Concealing the sun
Darkness moves forward
Engulfing everyone
The fire of her loins
Illuminates the night
Passion pouring
Across his satin sheets
Sparks lighting
As their contorted bodies meet
An eruption of life
Out of the darkness
And alas the Earth was born