A Cup of Tea

November 30, 2010

Fill it up
Plug it in
Wash a cup
Open the tin
Drop a bag
In the pot
Let it sag
In water hot
Steep for three
Maybe four
look and see
Wait some more
Remove the leaf
Let it rest
In disbelief
Take a test
Warm and nice
It has to be
My biggest vice
A cup of tea

Lover’s Knot

November 29, 2010

Lover’s knot
Tied with care
Built on thought
Ideals so fair
Every twist
Symbolic of strength
Lips are kissed
At great length
Embraced in space
Time, and mind
Beautiful face
Ever so kind
But every knot
Has its flaw
That darker thought
That starts to gnaw
Fraying unity
Piece by piece
Building immunity
Starting to cease
They care no more
For the eternity shown
They closed the door
Love’s out grown


November 28, 2010

Tears of anguish
Looking at a darker day
Feeling remorse

The Burden Remains

November 27, 2010

Pumping fast
Make this last.

Feeling it
Hoping that this
Is my last hit.

Happens now
Telling them who
Brought me to hell
And who makes me well.

Like atlas
On all society
Preventing the forward motion
Due to this damn drug
All I wanted was a hug

The penalty
For the pain brought
Never a stronger lesson taught

Recover now
Finally feel free
So you can see

Earned now
I ask how?

Another Club

November 26, 2010

Music blasting
Love and lasting
Grinding fast
Passion last
So many dancing
So little chatting
Balloons and booze
Not a snooze
So much heat
Everyone meets
Love in air
Not an affair
Sex in mind
Feel behind
Another club
There’s the rub

Call of the Siren

November 25, 2010

Struck by the divine
This feeling sublime
Something to fear
When you hold me near

The beauty will entice
It’s your fatal device
Use it to break and rip
A Siren calling a ship

It’s not the look that stings
It’s the pain it brings
The fear all but quits
As I give what love permits

Shamelessly looking back
My heart about to crack
You pull me in tight
And kiss me goodnight

Where Mourners Pass

November 24, 2010

A field of lies
Where souls die
Bitter grass
Where mourners pass

Stains of war
Where once was more
Hearts of glass
Where mourners pass

Stones of damned
Where shields rammed
Church held mass
Where mourners pass

Empty of life
Where woman felt strife
The effigy will last
Where soldiers passed