No one can stop you

February 19, 2018

Reach out
Into the night
And touch the stars
We cannot see
Mere mortals once
Eternity came
When we let go
And set our minds free
Free to wonder and wander
To search for what we will
To find peace, joy, and freedom
To never feel ill.
Next time someone
Tries to shoot your dreams down
Remember you can
Reach out for the stars
And no one can stop you.


February 17, 2018

You make life
Feel like a sweet
Treat to live
Simple and satisfying
Everything just right
You are the light
Guiding my way through
For being my soulmate
I just want to thank you

Love you

February 14, 2018

Love is all around
Smiling faces
Teary eyes
Beautiful pictures
Happy cries.
Dreaming gently
Of great days passed
Thinking deeply
This will last.
You complete
The puzzle of me
Everything fits
I can finally see.
You make me whole
Fixing the flawed
How I lived without you
Now seems so odd.

For you.

February 11, 2018

Will you be there
When I fall down
Will you be there
When I need a hand
Will you be there
When times are swell
Will you be there?

I know you’ll be there
When I am down
I know you’ll be there
Hand extended
I know you’ll be there
To say congrats
I know you’ll be there.

I will be there
When you feel blue
I will be there
When you need my help
I will be there
To remind you your great
I will be there
In the moments of joy
I will be there
For you.

Time for you

September 25, 2017

The soft light glows
On your rosy cheeks
Making my blood rush
Making my knees weak
The gentle breeze brushes
Your dark and perfect hair
Making my lips tremble
As my eyes dreamily stare
The clock hands rush
Round a circle fast
Reminding me days are numbered
Showing that passion can last


August 20, 2017

Always know
No matter what
My shoulder is here
To soak up your tears
My ears are there
To listen to you vent
My arms are yours
To help and be held
My life is for you
To cherish with yours
And of course my Darling
I’m all yours


August 6, 2017

Watching you
From across the room
My heart races
And skips
A beat or two
God you are perfect
The curly dark hair
The easy smile
And that perfect laugh
I thank the gods
For every moment
I get
By your side