February 27, 2018

The tides are changing
Much has passed
In these Eight years
Another time
In another place
A young boy full of fears
Day by day
I grew up slow
Still unsure
Where I ought to go
Following the path
Of whom I don’t know
But one day I’ll reach the end
Until that day
I’ll write away
Passing the time slow
In the end
Will I know
My spirit can lay at rest
Or must I pay wait
Tempted by fate
And never know
My end?

This poem marks eight years of writing on this blog. Thank you all for your support and guidance on this personal journey! I hope you all find your path, where ever it may lead.

All the best,


Couldn’t stay

February 25, 2018

They were waiting
in the dark
Monsters and martyrs
killers and thieves

They were waiting
Long of heart
sad sorrow
eyes of shade

They were lost
on the way
lonely men
Desperate women

They were lost
And couldn’t stay.

The Red Button

February 15, 2018

In the twilight of these dark days
I see light, but it’s fading away
When will the sun, surface again
Taking away, this stain of shadow
That is over us now from left to right
It seems so long, since we were alright
Dark times are coming, East and West
Angry men, with too much power
Threatening all that each other have
And for what? A show of strength?
How strong is it really to shade the sun
With the chaos of darkness
Caused by one?
It seems to me, that this must be stopped
But the darkness grows by the day
Shootings, death, starvation, decay.
It must end some day soon
Otherwise tomorrow
Might be a nuclear noon.


February 13, 2018

He sits quietly
Often to the sides of the room
Unsure how to interact
He smiles politely
If you make eye contact
Unsure how to connect
He looks normal
Perhaps slightly unkempt
Unsure what you want
He wishes secretly
To not blend in
Unsure what to want.

Fixing Myself

January 29, 2018

Someday soon
I want to feel well
Like everything’s better
Inside and out
There are layers of existence
I want all to be right
No longer filled
With pain, destruction and blight
But I can’t control
All the layers out
I must work
To fix myself
And hope beyond hope
My fixes will shed light
On others suffering
From this internal blight.

Boardroom Brawl

January 25, 2018

Slipping into the past
Just for a moment
Breathing the air
Of yesteryear
Feeling the freedom
Of childish dreams
And childish commitments
(or lack thereof)
Not worrying how
I’m going to move up
Swimming against
The current of
MBAs with their KPIs
Silver-toothed smiles
That don’t quite cut gold
Then the stark reality hits
Like a boardroom brawl
The numbers returned
Looks like I’ll fall.

Safe Pasture

January 22, 2018

When will you stop
Being the one
I wish I’d walked on by.
When will you see
I was not alright
And things better
Could still be.
When will I see
That I am a mess
And get the help I need.
When will I grow
And begin to know
How to better
What I’ve become.
Maybe it’s time
I stop running away
From green pastures
Before my eyes.