Chasing the Sun

November 24, 2017

Old pink said it best
You run and run, to catch up to the sun
But it’s sinking.
Too bad we are all fools
To times tricky ways.
Every moment past the next
Simple concept, leaves most perplexed.
Going to becomes could have done
When we forget
We have to run.



November 17, 2017

Three old man
With the thinning hair
Looking back
At me
Standing on
The other side
Of that grey glass
Has clearly
Lost the path


November 7, 2017

There once was a man
Who had a big plan
To take the world back
He tried all day
And dreamed all night
Of what he could possibly do
In the mornings
He’d sit and build
Plans and plans a new
But by midday
He’d always dismay
At how little he could do
By light out time
He’d be drunk on rye
Crying to anyone who’d care
Then in night
His dreams’d take fligth
And show him the plan of attack
But when morning came
And his head did complain
He’d forget it and start from new
And plan and plan
He’d never take action
The world passed him day by day
Once he grew old
He got rather bold
And talked about what he’d never done.
He almost wrote a book
And it would have looked
So perfect in leather and gold
But alas, he finally did pass
Leaving nothing but his dreams.


November 1, 2017

When November comes
And the wind chills
Bones rattle
And leaves crunch
When November comes
The air drops
Breath be seen
The planet slows
Becomes Serene
When November comes
The wishing wells
Trapping dreams
Of summer and fall
Not to be discovered
Until Spring again.


October 31, 2017

A haunted night
Enchanted by laughter
And happy fright.

Giggles and screams
Wonderful costumes
Feelings of dreams.

Laughter ensues
Gouls and goblins
Wonderful views!

The great delight
Childish smiles
Halloween night!


October 27, 2017

When the tears dry
And you want to cry
In the years past
Of moments so fast
Memories beautiful and pained.

In the twilight of dusk
Smelling the night’s musk
The light of the moon
Dark, too near, too soon
Hoping for dreams feigned.

Told to friends dear
For times you were held near
The trends of life lost
What was the cost
Of feeling you reigned?


September 14, 2017

Today I decided
I’d walk away
From the pains
Of yesterday.
Today I chose
To be my own man
And not carry the burden
Of another’s plan.
Today I became
Who I ought to be
A person happy
And able to see.