Face to Face

July 31, 2010

Love is lost in lust’s embrace
The sound of music hard to face
Cheating said and cheating done
Finding the truth, never fun.

Regret and remorse sink in
But the ice is far too thin.
Break through and sink down
Understand why I frown.

My veins grow cold with ice
Your excuses will never suffice.
What you did was purely wrong
You keep on singing your song.

When the music stops I’ll be gone
My heart is on a new day’s dawn
You never kept a promise shared
I really tried, I really cared.

You left me in a train wreck
Like a chicken at feed you peck.
When what you like is away
You find another one to stay.

My words of heart come from mind
Like a clock you have to wind.
If you forget my mind will stop.
My body will just fall and drop.

In a Dream

July 30, 2010

In a dream
Where birds don’t fly
In a dream
Where men don’t lie
In a dream
Where love is lost
In a dream
Where land is frost

With a scream
They all awake
With a scream
They sit and shake
With a scream
They start to fall
With a scream
They know it all

In my dream
It is all right
In my dream
There is no fright
When I scream
It is all gone
When I scream
There is no dawn

When I scream
They all go hide
When I scream
My hurt has died
When I dream
My world’s a lie
When I dream
I cannot die


July 29, 2010

Sensual bodies touch
Love’s a passionate affair
Where two become one


July 28, 2010

Time stained face
Weathered and misplaced
Thousand wrinkles
Tell the story of his life

Pain was met swift
With his blessed gift
One sweep of his hand
And an expertly placed knife

Death was his life
Making widows; Making strife
Always a conflict within
Never a solution so final

A rose marked grave
Smooth as a clean shave
His work was marked well
Played over like Vinyl

Every end met with pay
In no city he could stay
Chased away where ever he landed
Hated by those claiming moral

A pretty penny here
His blade held near
His pulse drops low
As he ends another quarrel


July 27, 2010

A sudden pause
Frozen in time.
Waiting for motion
Caught in crime.

Deer in headlight
Can’t move a joint.
Stuck like an image
Can only point.

Sirens are ringing
No a happy sound.
Pepper spray stinging
The cuffs lock round
That’s it for tonight.

Block of Lies

July 26, 2010

Seven deadly ways to kill
Intelligent Exploitation of will
Never very careful with hate
Even intellects need their fate
Revenge longs those who seek
Sinners speak for the meek.

Change Cycle

July 25, 2010

The seasons change
Blowing over from spring to fall
The greatest cycle