September 20, 2015

A little worry
A spot of doubt
A sign of trouble
Like a drought
Caught between
A yes and no
Makes it hard
To really grow
Soon enough
The truth will come
Leaving both feeling
Rather dumb
To worry and fret
Without a cause
Happy it’s OK
No need to pause


December 12, 2014

I love you.
Three words
That show true
Through good
And through bad.
I miss you.
Three words
That show true
Through long
And through short.
I need you.
Three words
That show true
Through hardship
And through peace.
We are one.
Three words
That show true
Only when
Three sentences
Hold true.


October 25, 2014

Caress me gently
Help me to grow
Always there
Loving deeply
Every night
Never slowing
Even a fright

Abra Cadabra

March 2, 2014

That odd feeling
That something
Is missing
Simply gone
Evaporated overnight
Where did it go
The spark
Ephemeral nature
Of love
In this modern age.


April 26, 2013

Empty heart
Empty eyes
Fresh start
Fresh lies

Circle round
Same game
Not profound
More a shame

Fool me once
Fool me twice
I may be dunce
Should follow advice

After all
There isn’t blame
When hearts are broken
Only shame


January 31, 2013

For all the words
In all the languages
From all the times
In all the places
There is not one
That can describe
My love for you
An ephemeral flame
An embodied rose
True perfection
None even leave
A small mark
On the surface
Of how I truly feel
About you.

Pillar of Love

January 28, 2013

A pillar
Fortified in gold
Always aging;
Never old.

Sturdy and tall
Supporting the weight
Of misgivings,
Fear, and hate.

Never swaying
Always true
Faithfully standing
For all to view

In the public’s eye
Being watched so dear
Never afraid;
Of all the fear.