Down down down

June 20, 2017

Where did the time go
Lost again
In an endless cycle
Day to night
Night to day
To night
To day

Channing path

January 15, 2017

It seems endless
The circle of weekend
To weekday
As we move closer
To the end of our race
Only the end isn’t ever
On our mind
Until it’s too late
To change the course
We decided to run


August 28, 2016

The search
Is what leads
To Sadness.

Long term exposure
Can lead
To hopelessness.

Once everything
Means nothing
Happiness can come.

The cycle never ends.

With you forever

August 20, 2016

Every day that passes
It doesn’t get easier
But it does start
To feel like life
Will keep on going
If you just hang on
And realize that it’s you
Who gets to carry on
The ephemeral torch
Until it is your turn
To pass it along;
A little brighter.


April 19, 2016

Sometimes the heart needs
A silent night
With no one and nothing
But the mind
To keep entertained
A perfect pursuit
Of self reflection
To guide me to where
I ought to be

Life long dreams

April 12, 2016

Head thumping
Exhausted again
From another day
Pretending the world
Is all okay
It’s so hard to admit
That every day I struggle
To not just quit
To soldier on
Through thick and thin
Hoping someday
I can just win


March 9, 2016

A ghost in the room
Burning up the happiness
Which was once shared