Developing Delusions

December 31, 2010

Black surrounds.
Head pounds.
Words fly.
Lovers Lie.
Caught wrong.
Too strong.
Fight entails.
Love fails.
Enter night.
Loose light.
Longing on.
Dangerous dawn.
Delusions developed.
Illusion enveloped.
Trapped away.
Pleading prey.
Stuck steed.
Bitter bleed.
Furry failed.
Hatred hailed.


December 30, 2010

Look up
Then look Down
Now see where we are

Look right,
Now to the left
See where we are?

Look back
And forward still.
Do you see it yet?

Look past
Now to the future
Are you getting it?

Right here.
No where else
See where we are?

And I couldn’t ask
For anything more
Then to be stuck with you
As our spirits soar

The Station

December 29, 2010

Bus Station
Every societal problem
Under one understanding roof
Praying for forgiveness
Not salvation

What’s for me.

December 28, 2010

All the pain you reap
All the tears you weep
They are not for me.

All the pain you make
All the hurt you stake
It’s not for me.

All the hate you bring
All the evil you sing
They are not for me.

All the fools you see
All of them including me
They should never be.

My Final Dawn

December 27, 2010

Fix me a hit
Just a little bit
Make the pain go
I have not a foe
And nothing to show

Fix me a pipe
Enough to get ripe
Make it all gone
The clock is on
Ticking til my final dawn

Fix me
Enough to see
Make me good
You know you could
Just knock on wood.

Fix me
I want to be free
Make it all go away
The pain mustn’t stay
I am stuck in the fray.

The Runners

December 26, 2010

Dark woods
Twisted trees
Gnarled roots
Stinging bees.

Dusty boots
Marching on
Muddy pastures
All but gone.

Silence captures
Foolish swine
Running faster
Over stein.

Escaped master
Breaking free
Covered hoods
Eyes don’t see.

Christmas of My Youth

December 25, 2010

It is the twenty fourth today
Mere hours till christmas day
I can not wait much more
To see what santa has in store.

The polar express comes tonight
The story of it does excite
A lovely tale of belief
It was never read with grief.

Off to bed my mom sends me
Not a peek of santa will I see.
I watch the minutes pass in red.
Hopefully I can sneak from my bed.

The hour of midnight is on the clock
What is that sound? I listen in shock.
It is above on the roof
Could it be the sound of hoof?

I sneak out of my room
The moon casts shadows of gloom
I sneak downstairs to the fire place
And there is old Saint nick, I see his face.

He sees me there smiles and waves
How good a boy I am he raves.
Out of his sack he produces a box
It’s surface covered, with hundreds of locks.

Before he leaves he whispers in my ear
‘The secrets Inside, don’t you fear’
And with that Santa up and goes
I hear the trailing Ho Ho Ho’s

At early dawn I do awake
My mom gives me a gentle shake.
She says santa came and brought me some things
I tell her I know, I saw all he brings.

She stares back puzzled, helping me to my feet
She will not know of the old man I did meet.
I open my presents, and when it is done
I look at them all, but can not find one.

Then I remember Santa’s last words
With these I will fly with the birds.
I hold the key to figure it out
He set my mind free, there is no doubt.

As years go by, I look back to that day
And realize it was a dream, to my dismay.
But even if santa only exists in our heads
Children world round head early to bed.

All it takes to make him alive
Is good faith, for which we must strive.
The ideal of santa is only in mind
But he teaches us all to be fair and kind.
Merry Christmas and Happy holidays to everyone! I only have 65 days to go in my little challenge, but am thinking I may continue as this has inspired and challenged me to keep on writing every day and never quit.
All the best,