The only way

February 6, 2017

Drifting around
Neither here nor there
They fill my head
Like empty air
Never forgotten
Once ingrained
Happy or sad
Or even pained
Sometimes I’ll cherish
For hours on end
Remembering happiness
Just to mend
It helps to remove
The stress of the day
Lost in memory
Is the only way.


April 20, 2016

Savor the memories
For they will outlast
The frivolous fights
The ferocious fallouts
The final feelings
That scar the end
If you can hold on
To those precious gems
And guard them against
The sea of anger, sorrow
Doubt and angst
They will one day
Polish off and shine
Like the truly beautiful
Diamonds that they are
Created by all the pain
And pressure of the hardships
You were forced through
But in the end
How wonderfully you will glow

What’s the name

August 23, 2015

What’s the name
Of the place we met
What’s the name
I always forget
What’s the name
Of your mother dear
What’s the name
I’ve forgotten I fear
What’s the name
Of that thing you want
What’s the name
It kind of taunts
What’s the name
Oh what’s the name
My memory is going
And it’s a shame


December 11, 2014

A memory
Before memory
Came to be.
Details told
Ever so clear
Forgotten perhaps
Gotten from elders
Having trouble
Investigating the truth
Just remembered
kind of hazy
Lost again
Most likely useless.


August 20, 2014

Faking making breaking
The end of the truth
Lying crying dieing


June 12, 2014

A drunken night out
Meeting old friends and some new
Memories are made


March 9, 2014

Old friends
What never was.
Thinking back
To better days
When the grass
Was green.
Always forgetting
The pain
And suffering
That accompanied
The sickly green.
Memory is
The greatest liar
Man has ever known.