It’s Okay to ask

May 22, 2015

Her mind closed
The day he said
It was destiny.
For she believed
All he said
Must be fallacy.
She didn’t think
There was a God
Up in the sky.
He didn’t know
It was okay
To really question why.

The Star

October 14, 2014

A bright star
Guiding them from East to West
Finally they stop


June 23, 2013

The kingdom of God
Cannot always be reached
By men of the cloth


April 4, 2013

A test of my strength
I need to determine my fate
Before it eats me

Holy War

March 18, 2013

Herded like cattle
Towards a light so pure
Fooled by evil
Becoming unsure.

Tormented and tortured
Haunted to the soul
Breaking their wills
The ultimate goal.

With all the suffering
And undo pain
It’s a wonder
There was no shame.

In the end
Of this war of the east
There will never be rest
Nor will there be peace.

Lights Out

March 7, 2013

What purpose
Does it serve?
This life
You live.
What’s the point
Of every breath
Of every blink
Of every belief?
If in the end
You feel nothing
Not peace
Not fear
Not happiness
But a void

What is the
Right choice?
To live
To love
To believe
To lie
To lose
To deceive?
Who really knows
What will happen
When the lights
Go out
For good.

On and Off

March 5, 2013

Like a thermostat
His religious beliefs
Were regulated
By external factors
Such as, but not limited to
Who was watching
When he bent
At the knee
Folded his hands
And requested salvation
From the deity
He did not care to
Believe in.