Cyclic Relations

August 31, 2013

Empty bed
Empty heart
Empty head
Empty start.
Painful end
Painful loss
Painful to mend
Painful cost.
Hurt once more
Hurt so much
Hurt in store
Hurt by touch.


August 30, 2013

Sleepless apathy
Such a useless place
No thoughts
Good nor bad
Are to be truly had
In this limbo
Between dusk and day
A dark resemblance
Lead astray.
Wondering mind
Wondering heart
No beat was skipped
Nothing will change
Gripping on
To that little hope
That sleep will come
And you will cope.
Constant changes
Bring new day’s light
Ending the evening
Ending this blight.


August 29, 2013

Dark days are with us
Too many problems exist
To solve anything

Syrian Fall

August 28, 2013

Dark days world over
Sending not peace and food, but
Brigades and bombers


August 27, 2013

My dearest lover
You make the sun breach the clouds
Clearing up my day


August 26, 2013

The stars are milky white
Across the bruised sky
Twinkling oh so bright
On for infinity.

They travel through space
Never really there
In a constant race
To reach our weary eyes.

Sparkling in their twilight
Finally burning out
Once so bright
Now just a spec.

Just like our travel
Through space and time
Even when the road is gravel
We must find the end.


August 25, 2013

The power she felt
As her fist came down swiftly
And she banished him.