October 15, 2014

A land of work
Never ending
Facing the 8 to 11
Hit the bar
11 to 3
Pass out
In an alley
Sleep it off
Up again
Quarter to 8
Go into work
Repeat on loop
For Eternity

Love Drunken

May 23, 2014

Another round
Another round
The words are slurring
But profound.

Another speech
Another speech
Words are flying
As if to preach.

Another toast
Another toast
More words still
Spilled from the host.

Another sip
Another sip
No more words
Get a grip


March 13, 2014

If drunken choices
Reflect what we really want
No on is perfect


January 28, 2014

Every ounce of pain
Matched with an ounce
Of deadly, dark liquor
Buzzing out reality.
But in the fallacy
The truth is clear
Until the foggy morning
When it is replaced
With regret and despair
Oh how unfair!
The cycle of sick
And wishing escape
Only the bottle calls loud
And the thirst is thick
Just one cure
Drink til your sick.
Forget the morning
Forget the night
Forget the pain
Forget the fright.
But in the haze
Of morning light
All the pain
Will re-ignite
Burning brighter
Then e’er before
Wishing you hadn’t
Opened that door.


January 24, 2014

Another drink night
Regrets are now forgotten
Until the day breaks


September 15, 2013

Shots of tequila
Blurring away the worst night
Into the dark void


June 19, 2013

How much alcohol
Do people have to consume
To feel fine again?