October 31, 2015

The darkest of nights
A full moon above my head
Getting so scary


October 30, 2015

In the end of the night
Daylight strikes a harsh contrast
To the dark reality
That so many live in
At the end of the day
The soothing darkness comes
Enveloping the world in it’s satin blanket
Pushing out the evils
Of a day in harsh light
Making everything dreamy
Sometimes it feels alright

Night Sky

October 29, 2015

I miss you badly
Waiting until our eyes meet
Across the night sky

Life choices

October 28, 2015

Successfully complete life
Feel satisfied with what you’ve accomplished
Forget the fear and pain
Marvel at where you’ve gotten
Be humble in the end


October 27, 2015

Sleep tight my lover
For the sun has set again
And night is now here


October 26, 2015

Back home again
Not sure where I’ll be
When I leave again
To fly away
To be free


October 25, 2015

Words escape me
As I try to type
Feel as though
I’m up all night
Sleepless still
The words don’t come
Makes me fret
I should just run
Get away
From the keyboard
Escape to my mind
Find a sword
Slay the dragon
That is my block
Come up behind
And make it stop