March 25, 2015

And with those
Two little words
She changed
His life forever:
I’m done.


December 28, 2014

The day just goes on
Never ending; enduring more
Than the hours allow

Reaching The End

August 6, 2014

Riding along
To the end of the line
Waiting my turn
At this endless time
Fighting back
And moving through
Eventually stopping
With the same old view
The one that waits
At the end of the line.

Same old ride
Destination of destruction
Never seeing
The end of construction.
Making it better
For no real reason
Hurting again
Every season
As I ride on out
To the end of the line.

The Ending

July 21, 2014

In the end of life
What is left
But memories fleeting
And fading away
As time goes
What mark do we make
But the soiled nature
And tarmac covered fields
Once beautiful and pristine
Now desolate and lifeless
Only left for the most resilient
And versatile of weeds
Pushing through the cracks
And making even our asphalt fade
Eventually it’ll all be gone

Together and Apart

June 25, 2014

Aligned on one thing
That this is the end of it
No more faking love

It hurt to admit
But in the end it saved me
A lifetime of pain

Thankfully we did
Walk away from all the hurt
We caused together

The End State

February 12, 2014

The final state
Even after resurrection
Eventually we

The Return

November 5, 2013

The return
Is harder
Than the
Facing facts
Fearing reality
Realizing regrets
It is time
To return.
No longer
Free of body
Nor free of mind
Back you go
To the
Industrial grind.
The return
Is near
one more night
Fate I guess
Cannot reunite