January 14, 2017

Tonight will be
Like all others
A night in a string
Of continual events
Reading on and on
Until the heavens end
And Earth’s gone
But still another
For tonight shares
It’s stars with eternity


October 13, 2016

The stars are out
The night is here
Oh how I wish
It was you, dear

But alas,
The night is dark
And it’s alone
I must embark

Attempting to grow
And find the light
But without you
It never seems bright

No matter how long
I seek out the true
Deep down I know
I found it in you

Enveloped by the night

April 22, 2016

Confused by the night
Darkness came
And entered me
I’d open my eyes
But I’m afraid to see
What if nothing
Is all I’ll be
It is just another eventuality
A simple fracture
Of reality
And to darkness
I shall be
Wake me when
I can see
None of this is
Not meant to be
Light and purity

Pitch black Perfection

January 15, 2016

The soothing dark
No longer easy to find
That true darkness
Vast, empty, void
No man-made light
No bulbs or candles
Just the stars
As far as the eye can see


December 14, 2015

Silent night
Not a star in the sky
Deep dark dreary
So chilling and alone
Not a light to be seen
Complete darkness
Like smooth silk
Slipping smoothly across the land

Cold nights

August 21, 2015

Another cold night
With you beside me now
It feels much warmer

Perfect night

February 28, 2015

Sitting here
Happy as can be
Thinking the happiest thoughts
Nothing can be wrong
Perfect night