Six Foot Wedding

April 30, 2011

The wedding bells ring
The choir starts to sing
But onward they look in gloom
For there is no sign of the groom.

Where did he go and hide?
And where is his bride?
They seem to have run away
Not wanting their wedding day.

Solemnly the families leave
The bride and groom deceive
All who went in fear
Knowing the wedding was near

Never were they found
Probably six feet underground
No longer able to breath the air
Or think of their despair.

Creative Lockdown

April 29, 2011

Topic blind
Thoughts unwind
Empty shell
Heading to hell.
No longer whole
Lost every goal.
Couldn’t stop a shot.
Even when caught.
Trapped in head.
Never getting fed.
Creativity will die.
When left awry.
No exit from brain.
A serious shame.


April 28, 2011

Taking in
All the theories
Never making
My own queries
Just regurgitate
What is told
Never make
A statement bold
Fill in the answers
As they want
Not finding reason
Memory seeming to taunt
Exams are so useless
No information will prevail
But if they are not done
I will surely fail

A Dreamer

April 27, 2011

I was a dreamer
When I met you
You made me learn
It can all be true

You showed me life
And what it can give
You helped me learn
You helped me live

Everyday I say my thanks
For everyday you make brighter
So many see my rough side
You see my lighter

You opened so many doors
Making me feel free
I love you dearly
My Lady Tee.

Happy Birthday Lady Tee 🙂

Change For the Poor

April 26, 2011

World falling apart
Cannot differentiate
Finish from start.

No longer see clear.
Cannot fix
What happened here.

Removed all memory.
Leaving only
What mustn’t be.

My love for you.
Gave it up
Trying to change your view.


April 25, 2011

Throbbing aching
Feel like breaking
Pounding shaking
Never making
Hurting crying
Feel like dying
Trying trying
Advil’s not taking
Wanting daunting
Sleep is taunting
Just want
This headache
To go.

Sitting Back In Hope

April 24, 2011

I see the power lines
Cutting through here
Like great metal trees
I see the coal mines
Breaking the earth dear
Like unholy black seas

I see the smog
Floating in the sky
Like a million poison bees
I see them cut the log
from where it once stood high
Like all proud trees.

I see them doing so much wrong
Yet what right do I do?
I just simply play along
And hope for the world to renew.