May 29, 2018

Off to the races
step by step
Falling behind
Until in the end
The midpoint
Is all I’ll
ever reach
The sad truth
Of too many lives


January 31, 2018

The end of the month
Rent is due too soon
Restless sleep waking
At the hour of noon
Missing my morning
Sitting in the bed
Wishing and wishing
That I could be dead
Realizing after
How stupid this is
I have so many
Who love and care
But inside a small part
Is just so unaware
It pains me to say
I ever feel like this
But I want those to know
You don’t have to quit

January 30, 2018

A Year ago
I wrote about
Feeling my depression
Hitting me
Like a train
The tracks attached
To my back.
No matter how far
I run
How fast I go
It will eventually catch up
And run me over
Back to the emptiness
I always feel
Today I want
To take a pledge
So that next year
The train doesn’t hit
And I can get better
I won’t want to quit!

Fake smiles

January 24, 2018

I can’t wait to be free!
Free of the jobs
Free of the work
Free of the dregs
Of depression.
Shackled from the inside
To these feelings of despair,
While all around me
So many are unaware.
The smile they see
Like the Cheshire Cat
Is fictitious as can be.

Silent Participant

January 10, 2018

Never sure
What is right
I long since
Gave up the fight
Who knows why
I felt this way
Some days good
Others gray
Hopefully soon
I’ll see the light
And it’ll show me
Which way is alright
For I’ve given up
On finding right from wrong
I feel that road
I crossed long
Before I knew
That it was by choice
And since that point
I’ve lost my voice

The Path

January 5, 2018

As I get older
It seems that
The days get shorter
The nights grow longer
But I struggle
To stay awake
Long enough
To enjoy their darkness
And bask in their silence
Alas with age
I have lost touch
Of self
Something gained
Well losing my way

Lost at sea

November 26, 2017

The firm grip
Of his old hands,
With their
Wisps of hair
Haphazardly growing
Out of liver spots and moles,
Tightening quickly
Straining against
The rough threads
Of the rope
Slipping and scraping
As she slides away
Into the oceans darkness