The L Words

May 31, 2010

Love lost Lust
Misplaced trust
Luscious lips
Perfect hips
Lavishing Lies
Tight thighs
legendary luck
Cheap fuck
lethargically Late
Loss of fate
Loveless lingering
promiscuous fingering
Latent Lunatic
Feeling frantic

Your House

May 30, 2010

Say your sorry
Try to make me too
I will not


May 29, 2010

Smell the flowers.
Breath in deep.
Walk forward now.
Continue on.
Nothing to see.
No where to go.
You are not free.
Welcome to the show.
Buckle up.
Ignition on.
Get out.
Feel alive.
Now stop that.
We didn’t tell you to think.
Put down that mouse.
Don’t hit that link.
We said stop.
You will listen to me.
I am the voice.
I will make you be.
Play your game.
It’s ok.
We wouldn’t have it any other way.
You are a toy.
In our world of deceit.
We tell this lie.
To all we meet.
Game over.
Go to square one.
Can you not see.
We are not done.
You try to escape.
We can’t have that.
System suspend
Terminate the rat.
Trapped behind bars.
Here you cannot hurt.
Or show them your scars.
Authority rules
All of the land.
You can not change
What we have planned.

To My Love

May 28, 2010

To you my love
I will stay true
For you my love
I will change my view

To you my love
I will alway share
For you my love
I will always care

To you my love
I will always write
For you my love
I will always fight

To you my love
I write this poem
For you my love
I will always be home.

The Crown

May 27, 2010

Creek and squeak
Moan and weep
Break and heal
To the cycle we kneel
Life moves on
Then we’re gone
Time goes by
Then we die
Out of control
Digging my hole
Jump on down
To steal my crown
It is made of gold
The fools are told
But if you take a look
Your belief will be shook
It is a scam
It will damn
Any man who will take
The Earth will shake
The creek and squeak
As you moan and weep
It will break and heel
Before me you will kneel.

The hole

May 26, 2010

I promised you I wouldn’t
On your deathbed I couldn’t
For four years I’ve been lost
Your life came with a high cost
You fought hard for me
Without you I wouldn’t be
When your head met final rest
It was the ultimate test
Since that day back in time
I have never felt fine.
I keep trying to fill this hole
But nothing can make it full.
Your love was all I could need
Now my heart does bleed.
I hide behind this smile now
I will see you again some how.

-To Tessa.

Save It For The End

May 25, 2010

The needle slips
The blood drips
It bubbles out
I release a shout

The pain is gone
I am its pawn
Moving for her
Making my mind slur

The vein exposed
My eyes are closed
So much is wrong
I hear no song

It all felt right
No argument or fight
Peace at last
I forgot my past

The hours go by
Till I will die
A victim of my spoon
Lit under dark moon.