That Damn Bug

January 25, 2017

It creeps in
Like a silent little bug
Squirming through
The happy thoughts
Painting them black
Ripping out the joy
Leaving only sorrow
And regrets
That never can be changed
That damn little bug
Crawling over my joy
Leaving me hollow;
A shell of who
I ought to be


January 16, 2017

Below the surface
I lurk around
You can feel me
I don’t make a sound
Sometimes I surface
For a breath of air
When I do
It isn’t fair
Your life comes crashing
Down about you
But in your mind
You always knew
I was lurking
Just inside
Coming out
To destroy your pride


October 22, 2016

Some days I lose track
Of the reasons I’m Okay
My mind slips into a dark space
Entering disarray

It’s on these bouts of darkness
That everything seems wrong
They come on so gently
Then they hit me strong

I have to learn to live with them
To just do my very best
If I let them take over me
I’ll be just like the rest


April 27, 2016

The shadow crawls
The shadow moves
Across the hall
The shadow seems
So innocent
The shadow plays
With your mind
Suddenly dark
And not on time
Slipping back
To the dark days
Forgetting about
Better ways


December 17, 2015

Worn out

Move Forward

December 16, 2015

My heart
It aches
My mind
It breaks
My soul
It yearns
My brain
It learns
To move forward
A step from yesterday
Must never stop and stay
Just keep my feet in flight
Push on until night
Setup camp and rest
Keep hoping for the best
But my heart
It aches
My mind
It breaks
My soul
It yearns
My brain
It learns
To move forward

This little man

November 1, 2015

I live with this little man inside my head
He feels my life with fear and dread
Sometimes he decides to sleep
In these times with joy I leap

But then each night he becomes awake
And I feel sad for all life’s sake
Every bit he changes me
Trapped inside, he is not free

From his place within my brain
He makes me feel so much disdain
But hope isn’t gone when he is there
For I have become so aware

I sense him awakening and prepare
I know he is coming, so it’s fair
I plan my days and feel alright
Now I live without the fright