To Shave or Not to Shave

September 30, 2010

To shave, or not to shave: that is the question:

Whether ‘tis nobler in the face to suffer

The cuts and burns of outdated razors,

Or to take blades against a sink of water,

And by cleaning end them? To cut: to shave;

No more; and by a shave we end

The hair-growth and the thousands of unnatural looks

That scruff is heir to, ‘tis a consummation

Devoutly to be skip’d. To cut, to shave;

To shave: perchance to cut: ay there’s the blood;

For in that shave of hair what cuts may come

When we have shaved off this mortal hair,

Must give us looks: there’s the respect

That makes aging of such long hair;

For who would bear the rips and scrapes of shaving,

The senior’s grays, the clean shaver’s rash,

The burns of disposable razors, the blood’s delay,

The audacity of Gillette and the spurns

That shavers’ merit of the unshaven takes,

When he himself his final strokes make

With a bare visage? Who would fardels bear,

To Scratch and rub under a waterless shave,

But that the dread of skin damage after


The unrazor’d beard from whom bourn

No traveller hath, puzzles the face

And makes us rather bear those shaves we have

Than cut off others that we know not of?

Thus principle does make cowards of us all;

And thus the natural hair of humanity

Is ailing o’er with the pale cast of skin,

And enterprises of great swipes and motion

With this regard their razors turn awry,

And lose the name of action. – Shave you now!


This poem is based on the famous ‘To be or not to be’ monologue from Hamlet.  It was written as part of an english course a few years ago, and I felt it would be an interesting break from my normal style of writing.  Hope you enjoy!

“Freedom” of speech

September 29, 2010

Speak free
Freedom of speech
Not free

Listen to the Bass

September 28, 2010

Singing my same song
Knowing it’s all wrong
Playing my old game
Sharing the bad pain
Dancing the night away
Invite myself to stay
Listen to the Bass shake
Listen to the Bass shake
Equated to an earthquake
Just move around the floor
Try not to suffer anymore
The lyrics all the same
The musician plays the game
Singing this bad song
Getting it all wrong
So you must just
Listen to the bass shake
Listen to the bass shake.

Stormy Night

September 27, 2010

The lightning of love
Shatters the night
Like a ghastly glove
Blocking the light

The rain pours down
Over our beautiful bed
Like a circus clown
All the lights play dead

Kisses fly in dark surrounds
Illuminating the night sky
The thunder’s clap sounds
As if to question why

Love in the dark
On this stormy night
Begging for the stark
To finally take flight

Sad Cycle

September 26, 2010

Fragile flower.
Hurt half heartedly.
By the evil within.

Evil evangelical.
God’s greedy goal
Making her so thin

Dubiously damned
Feeling frail
From the loss of weight

Cave crawlers
Entering every escape
All are blocked by her fate.


September 25, 2010

A breezy wind hits the back
Daylight dims, sunlight lacks
Leaves of green turn to gold
Hot summer eve is getting cold

The birds chirp less these days
In piles of leaves a child plays
Corn is up, pumpkins are out
The season is ending with no doubt

Summer is coming to a sudden close
All the warmth comes and goes
That chilling wind marks the start
Shedding a tear in the heart

Autumn is here and plans to stay
The birds have left on their way
The last monarch flutters by
A single tear, I must cry.

$1 of Truth

September 24, 2010

You wished me the world
I was your Atlas
You meant so much
I loved your touch

We would talk the hours away
Thinking off to a distant day
we would tell all
the conversation never dull

I bought you roses
I bought you gin
You gave me hope
Let me climb the rope

You cut me out
Like a paper doll
You sunk in your blade
And forced me to fall

It was only a dollar
Not a new gold collar
I had spent plenty more
You fucking whore.