Your birthday

August 31, 2010

Today is your turn
Growing with every new year
Cherish all your youth

Happy birthday Abby.

The Mouse

August 30, 2010

Squeaking in the hall
Hear Him running in the wall
The mouse has arrived

Locked Away In My Mind

August 29, 2010

I am a prisoner of my mind
Locked inside is where you’ll find
My sanity is trapped forever more
All because I didn’t know the score.

Sealed away in this self-made hell
I kiss the external world fair-well
My body now numb from the drugs
I will never take back the hugs

My body is in lock down now
I will manage to live somehow
My mind is free as a bird
Yet I will not utter a single word

On this celestial plane my mind waits
Pondering about those it hates
I am trapped in this cell so dark
With you I could light a spark

In this shadowed light I glow
But no one but you will ever know.
I hide behind this smile of lies
Really, this world I do despise.

Dark Thoughts

August 28, 2010

Head on pillow
Mind to rest
Wind will billow
Knee to chest
Fetally Laying
In a dark bed
Secretly praying
They’re all dead
Night is here
Dark thoughts in mind
Everything is clear
Smile and act kind
One day snap
And loose control
Load and strap
Watching ’em roll
Killer fantasy in head
Wanting to start
Only when in bed
Cruelty comes to heart

Pointless Pursuit

August 27, 2010

Love knot
Tied in air
Brain rot
Not a care
Young love
Is insane
Push shove
Feel the pan
Why try
It always dies
They all pry –
Loose then cry.

What is a mind?

August 26, 2010

What is a mind?
Where can it be?
What is a mind?
What can it see
What is a mind?
How does one act?
What is a mind?
Where are the facts?
What is a mind?
Who has one?
What is a mind?
Can it be realized by none?
What is a mind?
Why do people care?
What is a mind?
People are unaware.

Hastily Said

August 25, 2010

Hastily we came undone
Our soldiers flee; Our soldiers run.
Silently tears are shed
Our children eat; our children fed.

Direly we try to fix whats wrong.
Our preachers preach; Our preachers long.
Quietly our feelings scorn
Our Lovers fight; our lovers mourn.

Quickly we fall apart
Our teachers, teach; Our teachers start.
Finally our judgments here.
Our people scream; Our people fear.

Please note: This is a test post by email. Hopefully it works correctly, if not I should have a week of screwed up posts (I am emailing in all posts from now until Sunday as I will not be around. Sorry that I wont be commenting on anyones blogs, but I will do some large catching up on Monday.)

All the best!